How do you find a good quality wholesale clothing distributor?

It is not difficult to explain it; we have all experienced the changes produced in our life routines by the Covid 19 health crisis. However, not everything has been so negative since these transformations have led the textile industry to significantly increase its online wholesale sales in the last 2 years. E-commerce continues to gain weight in the fashion business around the world, and brands, big or small, know it.

 Today it is much easier to buy wholesale womens clothing, for example. From the comfort of your home or office, you can choose from hundreds of designs while staying up to date with the latest fashion trends. If there is an area of ​​human creativity that does not stop developing, it is clothing design. We also know that women’s clothing usually shows the most innovative and fresh models, so it is important to diversify our stock when making a purchase wholesale.

 Whether you want to set up your own women’s clothing store or you already have a consolidated business in this field, it never hurts to value the advantages that each supplier can offer you so that at the end of the day, the management is as profitable as possible. From the quality of the fabrics, and the variety of designs, to the luggage guarantee and shipping protection, all of these elements will help ensure a great wholesale purchase of women’s clothing.


 There are basically 3 types of stores that benefit directly from wholesale clothing:

 Consignment Shops

 Shopping and retail stores

 Franchise stores.

 The consignment model means that you don’t need to spend any money to get the inventory, apart from a small down payment as a deposit, but the percentage of the profit will be much lower than the usual trading model. Consignment stores operate on volume, meaning they will have to sell a large number of products to make a decent profit.


 Retail stores buy their products for one price from manufacturers or distributors and sell them for a higher margin to customers. This model of boutiques will make a much higher profit at the end of the day, but you need a large initial investment to buy the clothes.

 For its part, the franchised store operates under a major brand and sells exclusively the products indicated. You will need to pay a franchise fee (once a year) to the parent company so that you can use the brand, logo, corporate colors, etc., and be allowed to sell your merchandise.

 Finally, we will mention the ease that it offers you to access a wholesale sale of women’s clothing. It is an option that allows you to acquire clothes of different styles and thus develop different market niches. The consumption of clothing is increasing every day, and being able to access it in an easy and varied way further drives the development of this industry.