You’ll Regret Missing Out On These Underwear

We always opt for underwear carefully because it involves things that are intimate and private. Comfort and quality of fabrics that are soft for our skin are usually the main considerations when we are going to buy underwear. But along with the development of the modern fashion world, the latest technology that is now used in the underwear industry has created a new trend. Cosmolle, an underwear brand, has created an underwear product with skincare ingredients in it!

It may sound hard to believe, but Cosmolle’s eco-friendly technology has succeeded in creating a luxurious gift for women, namely Collagen Polyamide Yarn.

Collagen Polyamide Yarn is a textile material that contains natural collagen, amino acids, and antioxidants in it. This material is used to create collagen-infused bras and underwear, which are currently very popular. Underwear with collagen in it not only provides extra comfort from its super soft fabric but also helps to care for skin health. Collagen makes the skin regeneration process faster, keeping the skin supple, smooth and firm.

Adding to the benefits of underwear, which is no longer just a cover for intimate areas, collagen-infused underwear will also keep your skin and breasts healthy. You certainly can’t wait to have this much coveted product. Hence, to make it easier for you to shop, here are some recommendations for collagen-infused underwear that are worth scooping up!

1. Airwear Wireless Bra With Collagen Infused

Wireless bras are more in demand these days because not only as an undergarment, they can also be worn as a bra top. You can make it look more stylish by layering it on top, such as combining it with a blazer, cardigan or oversized shirt. Wireless bras have wire support at the bottom so they can help to better support various bust sizes and enhance the shape of your breasts throughout the day. However,
this has caused quite a bit of debate among women because some of us think that wearing a wireless
bra will be painful and stiff.

If you’ve found the Airwear Wireless Bra, there’s no reason not to have it. This is the most comfortable wireless bra with 3D Printing technology which makes it very light to wear like a second skin. 3D Printing allows this bra to keep its shape very well, more breathable and super comfortable to wear all day long. The lifting feature and the collagen content in the fabric fibers make this bra perfect for giving a flattering appearance while rejuvenating your skin and breasts at the same time.

2. Collagen-Infused Sports Bra With Adjustable Strap

You can’t miss this sports bra. In addition to being lightweight, this product has high elasticity, able to support your breasts well and keep them attached to your chest so that you are free to move around doing sports, running, biking, gym, yoga, and others. This bra material can absorb sweat quickly and keep your skin comfortable. The content of collagen, amino acids and antioxidants in the fibers is the perfect feature of a sports bra as a partner for your healthy lifestyle.

3. Comfy Seamless V-Neck Bra With Collagen

If you find it difficult to find a bra that can meet your expectations, to support your breasts perfectly but still be comfortable, then this Comfy Seamless Bra will answer it. The 3D printing technology process makes this bra cup very light, stays in place and will not move to keep your breasts in a comfortable position and beautifully curved. Seamless technology makes this comfortable underwear for women invisible under any clothes and won’t leave shoulder strap marks. This bra is an essential underwear that you must have because it can be worn for all types of clothing and is suitable for any time. Wearing a bra has never been so comfortable!

4. The Sweetest Gift – Airwear Underwear Bundle

Show your support and love for those you care about with an underwear bundle from Cosmolle. It can be a sweet gift for your mother, sister and best friend. This gift is housed in an exclusive box containing 3 super comfortable collagen-infused underwear. You can even complete it with a bra bundle whose quality is as excellent as the underwear.

Ladies, make sure you don’t miss the best underwear products above. Pamper yourself with underwear that is not only comfortable but also provides additional care to keep your skin healthy, firm and smooth. So, which underwear has you fallen in love with?