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Yogis + Dogs = Doga

I have always been a dog lover and I have recently become a lover of yoga. So when I heard about Doga, I was all ears. Imagine attending a yoga class with your pooch as your partner. Wondering where you can sign up? My thoughts exactly. Doga is exactly what it sounds like, yoga for dogs. But it isn’t exactly what you may think. Doga is considered a way to be able to create harmony with your fu[...]

Who Said Camping Can’t Be Glamorous?

I hate camping, but this is definitely something I could do. Glamping is the latest trend and glampsites are popping up all over the world. What exactly is glamping? It is just like regular camping only way more glamorous. You can get the best of both worlds by enjoying the outdoors while still getting the 5-star hotel experience. Glampsites have been very popular in Scotland, Ireland and Englan[...]

Inspired by the Powells

Every Tuesday night this summer, ABC airs Extreme Weight Loss hosted by Chris and Heidi Powell. The show is such an inspiration and sends a very powerful message. The Powells are an incredible couple who live their life to help others get healthy. I have always struggled with my weight and food so I can relate to a lot of the stories on the show. Watching Chris and Heidi transform people’s lives[...]

The Amazing Benefits of Bikram Yoga

I have suffered from severe anxiety for many years. Even still, it sometimes can be a battle. But a few months ago, I decided I couldn’t fully live a happy life with my anxiety so I decided to do something about it without having to take medication. I started doing Bikram Yoga and just after a short 3 months, my anxiety has drastically decreased. Bikram Yoga is absolutely amazing. Not only has[...]
Speed Dating

Speed Dating Gone Wrong

A friend of mine talked me into something I never thought I would do. Speed dating. It was just as terrible as it sounds. Of course, all I expected was a scene straight out of the 40-Year-Old Virgin. In a way, I wish it were more like the movie. This had to be one of the most boring and poorly ran events I have been to in a long time. Needless to say, I was not impressed at all. The event was[...]
true rest az review

Altered States: My Sensory Deprivation Tank Review

Let me preface this by saying: I am really, really good at stress. While I find meditation, yoga, and what have you really interesting (and have read my fair share of books on the matters), I  have a hard time establishing any sort of routine. While surely one day I might be able to wake up and smell the roses, for now (sadly)  it's surfing groupon for deals which I can spend the remaining rations of[...]