The Best Places To Live In Jacksonville: A Guide

When you are looking for the best places to live in Jacksonville, you need to consider how to find these locations, what the lifestyle will be like, and how you can organize your family schedule around these areas. The five places listed below are amazing places to live, but you need to remember that Jacksonville is the largest metro area in the world, Duval County is so big that you can pick from a number of different places that are not even on this list and live very comfortably.

Jacksonville Furniture Movers Know All The Good Spots

You can talk to your Jacksonville furniture movers about where to move because they see all the best places every day. You can work with the movers to get all your new furniture to your house, or they can even advise you on places to eat and shop. Having a mover with you helps make the process easier.

San Marco

San Marco is a great place to consider raising your kids. You can get all the amenities that you need in this location, and even many of the furniture stores you will take delivery from are in this area. This is the sort of place you go to get away from the city, but you are still just a short drive from the ocean and downtown.

Ortega Forest

Ortega Forest is a bit more quiet than other parts of the city, and it allows you to hide away when you do not want to experience city life all the time. Most people who would like to move to Jacksonville come for the beaches, but there is a segment of the population that wants to forget the beach is there. You can get some respite in Ortega Forest without sacrificing all the amenities you need to live comfortably.


Northside is a place that lies just up the beach from downtown. You still get the modern buildings and living spaces, but you are not in the middle of the city. This is a great place to live if you want a view of the water every day, and you can find many wonderful jobs in this area because it is popular with young professionals who just moved to the area.


Downtown is unique in that you have all the nice hotels and shopping along with the water and boats that are floating by during the day. You can come here to sit by the St. John’s River while avoiding people who are on vacation, and you can walk some boardwalks that will give you the best experience because it is still a romantic place to be. Imagine going up to your condo at night to have a view of the water and the city lights.

The Beaches

The communities near the Jacksonville beaches allow you instant access to the ocean. You can live right by the beach if you want to walk along the shore every day, and you can move in during the quiet months when you would have the beach all to yourself.

Find A Mover Today

You must find a mover today who can help you get all your items into the house safely. You have likely bought a lot of new furniture and have many older things you need to bring with you. When you have found a great mover, you can easily get the results that you need without worrying too much about how much it costs or how you will get everything in the house. Plus, these movers know the whole Jacksonville area. They can even give you advice on where to live in this beautiful town.