Back to school hair tricks that will let you sleep in

When it comes down to getting back in the groove of school, there’s one thing you will dread more than anything. As if getting back to the routine of classes, homework and rules you will have to leave your comfy bed every morning. Being able to sleep in is the number one reason we dread summer being over but you might as well kiss your pillow goodbye right now. Luckily, with the right beauty beauty essentials and a little bit of imagination you can turn even the worst of hair days into the best hair day ever. We’ve put together a list of tips so you can hit the snooze button a couple more times and still show up to class with a fresh mane. No one will know ladies.


Apply a texturizer

There’s such a thing as sexy bed head. This look is for the ultimate snooze day where you wake up and it’s between brushing your teeth and brushing your hair. (We hope you go for the teeth). Applying a light mist of texturizer to the natural waves your hair creates throughout the night will leave you with a relaxed sexy look that will have people wondering how you wake up everyday and blow dry your hair to messy perfection.

Our favorite is anything Not Your Mothers

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 7.21.53 PM

Dry Shampoo

If there is one thing that you want to avoid at all costs it is greasy hair. Dry shampoo has become a staple item in every girls (or boys) hair product essentials and it’s no wonder – it works miracles and it’s super simple. This little trick takes less than 3 sprays in the area of your hair you want the product to absorb and leaves your hair fresh and refreshed so you can assembled a quick braid, pony or apply a texturizer like we mentioned above. Your 35 minute shower just cut down to a minute. 

Our personal favorite will be anything Batiste


Wear a hat

Not sure why baseball caps ever went out of style. There is no better accessory when you have no time and want to kick your outfit up a gear. Whether you want to keep your hair up or down, wake up


Slick Down Ponytail

Highly recommended for the mornings when your dry shampoo ran out and your dog somehow chewed on every single baseball cap that you own eats it and your little sister finished the texturizer cause she thought it was just another bottle of hairspray. Have no tr cause this easy slick down pony works best when your hair is dirty and minimal style to take your hair from dirty and frazzled hair to sleek and chic.Part hair in middle comb down on all sides and tie ponytail nice and low with a little bit of tease on the tail. Huge hollywood stars such as Kim Kardashian has been rocking this style lately and we love how easy and cute it is.

So go ahead, whether you stayed up late hitting the books or you just want to stay in bed those extra minutes,  hit the snooze button one more time. We’ve got you covered.