Listen to This: Adrian Younge

I heard a song recently and passed it off as some lost remnant from the late 60's which somehow made it under the radar until now. As the music faded out, a woman introduced  this Adrian Younge person, who sounded--a lot younger (no pun intended) than what I had previously heard. As they started chatting, I realized that old soulful voice in the recording was the lead singer of the Delfonics, William[...]

Twerktastic: Iggy Azalea’s New Video for Work

Love her or hate her, Australian rapper Amethyst Kelly, better known as Iggy Azalea recently made this Brook Candy-tier video for her song "Work." Featuring bootylicious babes, a gaggle of small town rednecks, and a pair of Louboutins, this video is FIERCE. A perfect workout or pick-me-up song--even if this kind of music isn't your thing--tell me it's  not at least a little addicting. The Iggy Azal[...]

Listen to This: Andy Stott

Manchester-based Producer, Andy Stott has been making the rounds on the internet for a while now. His last album Luxury Problems was fondly regarded by many as one of the better electronic albums of the 2012. These sexy borderline techno sounds can been heard in Chanel's 2013 Paris Couture Runway Show as well, setting the mood for Karl Lagerfeld's dark swan princesses to glide around the arena. Che[...]

Hear This: Maria Minerva and LA Vampires, Season’s Change Estonian synth goddess teamed up with low-fi diva, LA Vampires for the Integration LP, which came out in 2012 on Not Not Fun records. Kind of weird house music,  kind of down-tempo, if Silverlake had a sound, this would be it. Fuzzy pop sounds are bountiful in this record, you can pretty much feel yourself getting lost in a cloud of late night haze, and li[...]

Songs to Get Dressed to: France Gall, Laisse Tomber les Filles Leave the girls alone! This song goes out to all those game playing boys out there, you'll end up heartbroken too one day! Oddly enough, serial heartbreaker, Serge Gainsbourg wrote this song in 1964 for sweet little French pop star, France Gall. You don't really have to understand what she's saying to get into this track, it's fun and kind of bad ass at[...]

Friday Feature: Songs to Get Dressed To

Welcome to our newest feature, each Friday we will be selecting a song that you can blare in your room, while getting ready to go out. Regardless if it's to a hot date, a girls night, your second job, or the grocery store, have a little fun when you're getting ready. Being in a good state of mind is crucial to looking and feeling your best, and it's a good way to kick off the weekend.[...]