Friday Feature: Songs to Get Dressed To

Welcome to our newest feature, each Friday we will be selecting a song that you can blare in your room, while getting ready to go out. Regardless if it’s to a hot date, a girls night, your second job, or the grocery store, have a little fun when you’re getting ready. Being in a good state of mind is crucial to looking and feeling your best, and it’s a good way to kick off the weekend.

This week’s pick is Swedish four-piece, Little Dragon with their song, Nightlight.¬†Front woman and style icon,¬† Yukimi Nagano brings a jazzy sound to this lively track. Listening to this is like a cup of coffee, it’ll give you a nice jolt of energy without the anxiety or the jitters. Save that for later in the night.

You can get Little Dragon’s 2011 album, Ritual Union on Peacefrog Records, highly recommended!