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Favorite Online Boutique: Bona Drag

First off, I wanted to apologize for my absence--it's been a bit of a busy few months with work and life--you know how it goes. I wanted to gush about this online store that I have been all about lately (not that I can afford ANYTHING) but still...BonaDrag.com just GETS ME. Seriously. Slightly goth girl, with a bit of bohemian, and burlesque star: there's a whole lot of awesome going on.   C[...]
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Stuff We Love: High Waist Bikinis

Not always the most flattering swimsuit in the ever evolving state of beach fashion, but certainly one of the cuter, and slightly more modest trends in 2013. Part granny panty, part sexy, and entirely retro; high waist bikinis are awesome. A great alternative for someone stuck in a rut as to what "type" of bathing suit to get, without having to opt for a tankini (yuck) or something equally drab. It's a[...]