Why Are Washable Bags & Backpacks So Popular?

We hear more and more about reducing our footprint, and the importance of recycling in our daily lives. We’ve gone from sorting through bottles and cans, to adapting reusable products into our everyday rotation. Whether it’s bamboo cutlery or stainless steel water bottles, it is more beneficial than ever to find durable, long-lasting, and reusable products.


You’ve probably seen variations of several different products that are made from recyclable materials, with reusable bags and You’ve probably seen variations of several different bags and backpacks that are made from more sustainable materials like recycled plastics or now washable paper. A washable paper backpack with Supernatural Paper allows the same function, but with the ability to keep green and clean with ease.

A washable backpack is made with Supernatural Paper that is able to withstand a warm water wash with mild detergent or soap, while making for great storage for school supplies, books, and even a laptop for the typical student student. Many of these backpacks are crafted so remarkably that few people notice it’s derived from paper pulp. These are designed with adjustable straps that will accommodate any user, and are a great way to transport not just students at schools, but also hikers and the average person on the go. They are also super light, taking the unnecessary weight off your back.

Out of the Woods backpacks have been made using Supernatural Paper, a lightweight material that transformed paper pulp to be rugged, strong and washable. Supernatural Paper is also vegan and animal-free, for those who are taking their footprint on the earth to the next level. A mini backpack can even take things a step further, as a smaller tote means using even less products.

The Benefits Of Reusable Products

Washable Paper backpacks are just one of a litany of products that help to reduce waste by reusing materials that have already been processed. Making new products requires more raw materials to be extracted from the earth, meaning more fabrication, along with new transportation to wherever it is being sold.


Reduction and reuse are the most effective ways you can save natural resources, while protecting the environment. The benefits include:

  • Preventing pollution caused by reducing the need to harvest new raw materials
  • Saving energy, and therefore your carbon footprint
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change
  • Helping sustain the environment for future generations
  • Saving money
  • Reducing the amount of waste that will need to be recycled or sent to landfills and incinerators
  • Allowing products to be used to their fullest extent

Going Green Around You

If you want the feel of nature within your four walls, coffee table plants and other greenery throughout your place of living can add a wonderful touch to your home decor, while helping you enjoy the benefits of those plants. Plants have been shown to be the best way to boost your mood, increasing your productivity and concentration. This also reduces your stress and helps clean indoor air by absorbing toxins and increasing humidity.

Depending on the layout of your home, look into plants that will best show off your green thumb, based on the amount of light in your space. Certain plants can still thrive on indirect light, while others need bright light and sufficient attention to be able to shine in your living room. Some plant owners opt for succulents, like cacti, that don’t require as much daily care, and can easily adapt as an indoor plant, even with bright indirect light for their environment.