5 New Things to Try this Summer

Summer is so close we can almost touch it and smell it in the air. A few more weeks and the temperature will soar, the days will get longer, and everything just gets better in general. Why not take this summer to try something new and step out of your comfort zone. This summer, tell yourself you are going to do something new and exciting and actually follow through with your plans.

Stargazing. This can be one of the most humbling experiences of a lifetime, but it’s not something people remember to do. There is nothing more incredible than realizing out there, something is infinitely bigger than you. And because of light pollution across the globe, it’s not always easy to realise how many billions of stars are out there. So this summer, pick the highest remotest spot you can find, bring some blankets and food and some binoculars if you really want to go all out. Make an evening out of it with friends and watch the sunset. And if you get a little bored waiting, there’s always the chance to play a few quick slot games on WizardSlots.com.Don’t know how to play slots? That’s easy! You can learn how to bet easily enough online and withdrawing your winnings.

Try an extreme sport. This definitely is something for the braver of heart, but what better way is there to face your fears? If you enjoy the rush of water or swimming, go one up and try out white water rafting. Or if you enjoy flying, forget the plane and let a bungee cord do the rest. It’s heart-hammering, blood-pulsing action but you won’t forget the adrenaline rush and once you’ve surmounted the impossible, you may find that things don’t phase you quite as much…

Start a journal. Long summer days spent with friends and family are some of the best memories you have. Sure you can take pictures on your smart phone but writing it down imprints memory and it’s so much more personal. Pick a notebook that will become battered and loved with your adventures, pick a nice pen if that helps and just take some time to sit down and write about everything that has been happening. Write during your lunches, in the evening light, whenever suits you.

Try a new hobby.  Have you ever seen a glossy cake or seen an amazing amateur painting and thought, ‘I could do that?’ Why not use this summer to give it a go? There’s hardly a better time. With longer days and all-round positivity, it’s your chance to shine. Watch some baking programmes, buy some ingredient and follow some recipes (or don’t). At the end of it all, if it all ends badly, then you’ll know it’s not for you!

Practice mindfulness. There’s no denying it, life is stressful. But learn how to handle it this summer, and it will be a new skill you take beyond the sun-soaked days. Once you’ve learnt the basics, then there’ll be no stopping where you can practice it; on the beach, in the park or in your garden.