5 Reasons to Embrace the Seaside This Winter

Most people think of the seaside as a place to visit only in the summer. But there’s no reason you should shun the places you love just because the seasons change. Not only are there many beaches that stay warm year-round, but there is plenty of stuff to do there even when it’s cold. In fact many of the communities by the sea plan winter activities specifically to draw tourists in slow seasons. So, in case you’re up for a winter trip, here are five of the best reasons to make the seaside your destination.

To avoid the crowds

Tourists tend to plan their beach vacations in the summer, especially in the colder areas. So, if solitude is what you’re after, you may be in luck. Beaches on the northern coast are more likely to be somewhat deserted in the winter. But you can still enjoy dinner by the shore, cool moonlit strolls, and the sound of the waves while you sleep. Just remember, the beauty of the ocean is just as much a site for shore eyes in the winter as it is in the summer.

To escape the cold

Most of the beaches in the US are actually still quite pleasant in the winter months. Hawaii, for example, has average daily temperatures of 80℉ even in January. And most of the beaches in California and Florida rarely dip below 65℉. Most of the time, these areas even stay warm enough to enjoy all the fun beach activities you would in the summer. You can take custom surfing lessons in Waikiki, learn to ski in San Diego, or go deep sea fishing off the Florida Keys. Do some checking ahead of time for the best times to visit.

To hang with the locals

You’ll never learn more about an area than when you hang out with the people who live there. They’ll tell you well-guarded secrets about the best restaurants. And they may even treat you like one of their own. Many beach areas also have tons of activities all year long, including the colder months of winter. After all, it’s probably not cold where they are. Check out annual island events for the months you plan to visit. You might find things like festivals, parades, holiday activities, and races.

To celebrate the holidays in a unique way

Many seaside areas celebrate Christmas in a big way. You can take a family Christmas Cruise with Chicago Family Cruises. Or you can take a stroll around the snow-striped dunes at Lake Michigan LAN150. A lot of beach communities also throw amazing holiday festivals and offer unique shopping opportunities with seaside vendors and specialty shops.

You need to relax in the winter too

Scientists have long been studying the effects of water on the human psyche. For some reason, the sound of ocean waves seems to put our minds in a meditative state. And it seems to evoke creativity and a sense of awe within our brains. Imagine taking a weekend to stay at a quaint bed and breakfast by the shore. Let your worries slip behind you and take in the cool sea air. There’s nothing more relaxing than that.

Aside from the fun you can have seaside in the winter, there are other benefits to traveling during this time. One major benefit is the cost savings you’re likely to find. Flights, fuel, and even hotels tend to be cheaper during the winter months in these areas. But no matter when you decide to go, life is so much more fun on the beach!