Back to School Style: College Fashion

What is college fashion like? What do people wear to class?

If you’re just entering a college or university, you’ll see people from so many walks of life. You’ll also see that they probably don’t care a whole lot about fashion–unless you’re attending a school in a big city or a specific kind of school. I went to Arizona State University for four years, one of the largest schools in the country, and while it has its moments of charm and weirdness: most people just wore jeans,  a t-shirt, flip-flops or sneakers, and their bookbag. Nothing too exciting.

I told one of my girlfriends, after wearing some black tights to school one day, that many of my male classmates seemed to not understand why I was wearing them. The whole concept of hosiery seemed to completely baffle them. So, yeah, even though I went to a major university in a pretty young and bustling city, I didn’t really want to wear my Sunday’s finest to school, I kept it pretty minimal. You gotta stay comfy, since you’re there to you know: learn and stuff.


Cute Backpacks

I never wore backpacks in high school or college, which is probably why I will never feel like my shoulders are even, since I would haul books and a laptop around allover the damn town. Now that cute backpacks are kind of the “thing” you won’t have to settle for any mediocre book bag or risk looking like a you have a busted shoulder.

Hershel backpacks seem like they’re everywhere. Sleek, minimal, functional–these are things I like. They’re made in a ton of colors and combinations too. This black and brown version is available on ASOS.

Black Hershel backpack

Volcom actually has quite a few cute options as well, with reasonable pricing. Can I just say how great of a color combo grey and purple is? I’m glad someone thinks the same or has created a technology sophisticated enough to pluck ideas out my brain–annnnyway! This style is available at Tilly’s.

grey volcom backpack

Steve by Steve Madden kind of like Marc by Marc Jacobs is one of those more “economically feasible” lines that are usually geared towards the younger crowd. You get the same stylish

steve madden backpack

Smarty Pants College Fashion

You don’t wanna wear the same thing you wore out Saturday night to your religious lit class, and if you’re reading this you’re probably not wanting to throw on some sweatpants either. College fashion is mostly just your everyday street wear, depending on your campus of course. You can come out of the drab woodwork and go totally insane with your life and look now, or tone it down a bit–that’s the beauty of a university. Here are some smart essentials for your college life:

A cardigan is going to be great for those not-too-hot and not-too-cold days, when you have to sit through a freezing lecture. You can easily just toss it in your bag, or, if you drive, keep it in your backseat.  This purple blueish everyday cardigan is from Levi’s. levis carigan


Sunglasses. Why sunglasses you ask? Well, college is full of a lot of sensory overload–new places, new people, weird things, weird people–sometimes you don’t want to make eye-contact with the dude passing out fliers for his mud wrestling tournament. So, bring your sunglasses along: protect you sight, and shield yourself from any potential awkwardness. Hey, whatever–it’s the truth. These red and black retro sunglasses are from Stella McCartney.

stella mccartney glasses

Vans Authentics. These sneakers are almost just the unofficial college shoe of choice across the board, because A. they’re comfy (once you wear them in) B. They come in tons of colors. C. They’re pretty cheap. Find them at your local mall or check out the Vans site.

vans red authentics

Everyday clothing ideas from a few Chictopia ladies: