Stuff I’m Loving: First Week of August

This black and lace front baby-doll TFNC Dress from ASOS, because I would totally wear the shit out of this thing, especially if I plan on eating my weight in burritos. I think this would also look good with a skinny belt too. It’s only $65 dollars too, which really isn’t that bad, plus ASOS does free shipping and returns.

little black dress asos

Zevia soda. I am trying to weed out a lot of bad habits, including soda drinking. Zevia is sweetened by stevia, so it’s not a fake sugar that will kill you in the long run, and all the ingredients are natural. It’s a little expensive compared to normal soda, and can take time to get accustomed to the sweet/soury aftertaste of stevia–but I actually prefer this stuff now and feel like a pile of garbage when I drink a regular soda. Holy hell I need to try this┬áZevia drink recipe for a fancy alcoholic drink.


The new FKA Twigs video for Water Me, featuring her head. It’s a really chill song, and makes me really want to do double buns with my hair.

White nail polish. White is not exactly my favorite color, but for some reason, white nail polish looks awesome.

white nails

Tiny Art Director. Maybe I’m late to this party, but this blog is too good not to pass up: a little girl tells her dad what to paint and then approves it or rejects it. Reading this will make you miss your childhood sense of batshit insane creativity, and it’s pretty much hilarious.


Art Deco Earrings. Give me a time machine, now.


Oh yeah, and Beyonce cut her hair short–really short and it looks FIERCE.

Beyonce short hair