Bracelet Styles For The Chic Woman

We all love to mix and match our jewellery collection to complement our look and if we are talking bracelets, there’s quite a choice regarding styles. This year is definitely one for rich colour in your accessories. With that in mind, here are a few popular bracelet styles that you could incorporate into your jewellery collection.

  • Chain Bracelet – The chunky look is still in vogue. If you’re looking for an antique or vintage piece, the online antique dealer is a great place to start your quest for a stunning chain bracelet. You might prefer thinner jewellery and stacking is back in fashion; mix and match using your bracelet collection and you might come up with the perfect combination.
  • Bangles – Stylish and loud, bangles are back with a bang. Bangles are typically rigid, with no clasp or opening and you simply push your hand through to wear. This is classed as loose jewellery. If they are the right length, your freedom of movement is not impacted, and they won’t slip off. If you are looking for something special for your wife, check out the antique bracelets Australia has at Kalmar Antiques, a leading antique dealer with a great reputation within the field of antiques. You can also find other reputable dealers in your area through Google search, if you are located outside Australia.
  • Cuff Bracelet – Typically a thick metal band with open ends that bend slightly to allow you to put it on your wrist, a cuff bracelet can come in all shapes and sizes, especially when you move into the antique section. This can be a statement piece, with almost any look and with rich colours, you can wear to accentuate your outfit.
  • Charm Bracelet – Who doesn’t have at least one charm bracelet in their jewellery box? Why not splash out on an antique charm bracelet for your next anniversary and buy her a jewellery item with a special meaning? You can add charms each year, which solves gift selection issues. If it isn’t exactly perfect, you can remodel the piece in the style that is fitting to you by talking to an antique dealer, who can carry out special alterations.
  • Pearl Bracelet – Stunning when attending a formal event, most women adore pearls. For antique lovers, the online antique dealer has a great selection of pearl bracelets, and a secure online payment sees the piece packaged and sent by courier to your home address. If you are planning to surprise her with this gift, make sure you arrange for the bracelet to be delivered in good time. The website would have categories and finding pearl bracelets is easy. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, the dealer would have an extensive network with other antique dealers and can source a specific piece.

There are so many variations of bracelet styles and with the online antique jewellery dealer, you can probably find the perfect piece for that very special person in your life. We are all unique and you might just find that perfect bracelet when browsing online antique dealer websites, plus the dealer would have the full history of the piece.