Where to Wear Your Dickies Shorts

Most often, men’s fashion isn’t as diverse as women’s clothes. While you have a few things to choose from, including professional and casual wear, there aren’t a ton of options. While most men don’t have a problem with this, and it makes getting dressed incredibly easy, there are a few who are still incredibly fashion conscious—as they should be. The clothes you wear say a lot about[...]

2 Easy Steps That You Can Do to Spot a Fake Diamond Ring

There are a lot of fake and counterfeit products out there. May it be a fake bag of a specific designer brand, type of clothing, or even jewelry - the last thing that you will want to get is a fake diamond ring. Diamonds have always been a sign and symbol of wealth and social status. It also does not come at a cheap price tag! With this said, after paying for the price of a real diamond ring, it will[...]

How to Find the Best Kids Hunting Boots for Cold Weather

As an adult that goes hunting occasionally, you already know that you should have the right footwear for your hunting experience. If, however, you want your kids to have a taste of what the hunting experience is like, for them to get the best experiences from going hunting, they will need to be dressed for the occasion and a good pair of kids hunting boots is one item that cannot be swept under the ca[...]

Homecoming Horrors: How To Avoid Common Shopping Mistakes

Homecoming is coming up and every girl in your school is getting excited with the dress she is going to be buying. Whether you are an early planner or a last-minute kind of girl, there are common mistakes all of us make when it comes to dress shopping.  If you want to turn heads and have a smooth shopping experience, keep reading. There are several mistakes you want to avoid to ensure you have[...]

Black Dress Code

Events that require formal dresses normally revolve around eye-catching and exquisite designs. These are rare events, indeed. Ravishing dresses, hair pinned up, and jewelry on, women should be adorned with their best. Searching for the perfect gown can have many challenges, with all different shades, shapes, and textures. Dresses look and fit differently on each person, too. Black, on the other han[...]

How To Style Your Sneakers This Summer

The hot, lazy, sunny days of summer are here, and sandals and flip flops are naturals for this time of year. However, you may want more from your summer footwear. Perhaps you are thinking of specific circumstances or events, or maybe you just want comfortable, stylish, performance-driven shoes. Sneakers are a great way to go. They are comfortable, supportive, versatile, and they look good for just[...]

Dressing Up Has a Big Impact on Confidence

In the age of flexible work hours and remote work, there seems to be less emphasis on dressing for success. You can still do your job in your pajamas and you don’t have to leave home to do your groceries anymore. It’s a personal choice, however, to stop caring about your appearance. Maybe if you considered how dressing up impacted your confidence, you’ll think twice about staying in your paj[...]

British Country Clothing Has Never Gone Out of Fashion and Remains an Iconic Look

Country clothing has never gone out of fashion and remains an iconic look, but we still see major designers using tweeds and taking to the catwalks around the world. There is almost a comforting feel to good country clothing, but in reality, it is so practical too! Durable and high-quality materials which help longevity of the clothing. I’ve tested a whole range of wax jackets, tweed waistcoats an[...]