Which royal fashion trends have caused a stir?

When it comes to style, there are a few royal duchesses and princesses that deserve a space in the limelight. Not only do these royal females look flawless when they step out of the palace, but they’ve given the world some major style envy too. Queen Letizia, Spain The people of the world love Queen Letizia for her iconic wardrobe, made up of her favourite designers and high-street pieces. E[...]

A Guide to Mixing and Matching Jewellery

Jewellery is an essential component to looking good, and most women have a lot of items in their jewellery box that rarely get to see the light of day. It might be a pair of hippy earrings you were given, or a silver bracelet you hardly wear, whatever the jewellery, it can be successfully merged to suit the desired look. If you are new to the concept of mix and match with jewellery here is a basic guid[...]

Top 4 Fashionable Garments You Can Get While Traveling In Asia

Fashion has been an important aspect of the human condition for a number of reasons, raging from protection from the elements, highlighting your class in society, religious garb, and even accessories designed for warfare. Asia is a sprawling landscape, filled with so many cultures and amazing people. If you want to embrace the far east and check out the native fashions of these vastly differing cult[...]

What Defines Female Elegance and Sophistication: Fashion Tips

Being a sophisticated woman goes beyond the price you pay for a garment or the exclusivity of your designs. Being a sophisticated woman requires elegance, poise, naturalness, and cosmopolitan concepts when dressing. In order to achieve fashion finesse, designers are very clear with their statements that refined taste is paramount. A classy woman knows how to select what she likes. Whether it's an el[...]

Shop from an Exclusive Range of Summer Sandals at Irresistible Deals Only on Souq

The season of best summer deals is here and it is time to upgrade your look with new trendy sandals available at Souq. Let that craving for best fashion deals settle with eye catching prices and offers on Souq with the finest fashion brands like Nine West, Qupid, Reef, Clarks, Fitflop and many more offering best value deals on their products. Men, women and children, all can fulfil their desire for qua[...]

End of Season Deals on Stylish Swimwear

Summer might be coming to an end, but that means it is the perfect time to find that perfect swimsuit on sale! This is when the stores start clearing out the summer clothes and bathing suits, putting most of their inventory on clearance. Be ready for next season Not only will you be able to have a new suit for next season, fashion swimwear can actually be worn year round! Especially if you live i[...]

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Boots

Boots are one of the best investments that you can make to add to your closet. Boots come in a vast array of styles, colors, and lengths and can fashion up any outfit. Choose from short, tall, round toe, square toe, and even pointy toe. Boots are truly the foundation of your wardrobe! Pick the Right Boot for your Body Type When buying boots for any occasion, outfit, or season, the style of bo[...]

Summer Fashion Trends that Won’t Break the Bank

Top Shop, one of UK's hottest fashion companies, releases 300 new styles a week. With so many new designs introduced into stores, fashion is fast, fleeting, and expensive. Particularly during the summer, women have to keep up with new trends while also working on that summer body, vacation plans, and protecting their skin from UV rays. Sometimes with everything going on in the summer, it's simply too[...]

How to Clean a Diamond Ring at Home

When you wear your jewellery on a day-to-day basis, it doesn’t take long for debris and dust to gather in those hard to reach places. There are many old wives’ tales regarding the best way to make a diamond sparkle, and how to clean rings in particular. Solitaire diamonds are often worn as engagement rings and are therefore worn every day – with these, it’s important to clean your diamond prope[...]