Choosing Your Diamond and Which Shape Is Best

Buying an engagement ring is both exhilarating and overwhelming. Often, an engagement ring is the most expensive jewelry pieced owned by any bride-to-be. For this reason, there’s a lot of pressure attributed to choosing a good ring, more so when you take into account the monetary and sentimental factors. As you are out shopping for a high quality loose diamond, the diamond shape to acquire will be among the crucial decisions that you have to make. 

Learning About Diamond Quality 

Anyone shopping for a diamond will need to learn about quality and certification. AGS and GIA certifications are important quality marks. The 4Cs established by the GIA will help you decide on the diamond to buy.

1. Cut

It’s used to specifically describe the scintillation, angles, fire, proportions, brilliance, symmetrical facts, and the diamond’s finishing details. These are the same factors that will impact its ability to shine, as well as the stone’s overall appeal. When it comes to Grading, the GIA grades it on a scale of Ideal, Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, & Poor. 

2. Color 

Color grading for diamonds is dependent on how colorless or white the stone is. Grading occurs on a scale represented by the letters D to Z, with D referring to a colorless stone, while Z is used to refer to a stained stone, or a diamond with a yellow or brown tint.

3. Clarity

The clarity grade is an evaluation of the cleanness of a diamond in terms of blemishes and inclusions. On the GIA scale, clarity is graded from FL (Flawless) to I2 (Inclusions 2). 

Depending on the darkness, location, and size of the inclusions and blemishes, the two can interfere as it makes its way through the stone. Imperfections can interfere with the beauty and brilliance of the diamond, thereby eliminating its high quality cut.

4. Carat Weight

Many people assume that “Carat Weight” is a term used to refer to the diamond size. However, Carat is a term used to describe the diamond’s weight and not its size. In this regard, a one-carat diamond is equivalent to 0.2 grams. 

Selecting a Shape 

According to this article from Pricescope, selecting a shape is among the first things you will need to do when shopping for a high quality loose diamond. Available options include:

Round Diamonds

Round diamonds are among the most popular choices thanks to their performance, fire, and incredible brilliance. 

Round brilliant diamonds today make up close to ¾ of all online diamond purchases. This is because they tend to offer the maximum sparkle possible.

Fancy Diamonds 

Fancy shapes or princess diamonds provide a contemporary, angular beauty that features geometric and classical settings. In terms of popularity, they come a close second, as they provide the same brilliance as round diamonds, but at a cheaper rate. 

Benefits of Buying a High-Quality Loose Diamond 

1. You get a more straightforward option. The pressure that comes with diamond shopping means that you can’t afford to get anything wrong. Given that there are many settings to consider, there’s always a probability that you won’t find a diamond that matches your budget or taste. However, a loose diamond will offer more flexibility, allowing you to focus on its quality.

2. You can design your preferred setting. If you have already envisioned the design you would like, the perfect starting will be to choose the diamond. Selecting the diamond to place on that piece means that you get to relax easily knowing that the jeweler will get to create a beautiful piece from the center moving outwards.

3. You can get quality stones from the budget at hand. Shopping for loose diamonds is the most cost-efficient way to obtain the stones you want. The savings made can be channeled towards buying a better or bigger stone or in getting a more beautiful setting. 

Many people make the mistake of focusing on the carat (size) when shopping for a diamond, as opposed to emphasizing the cut quality. Don’t make this same mistake! Numerous online retailers specialize in the sale of GIA certified diamonds and who can assist you to make the right purchase decision.