Four Reasons Why Your Real Estate Business Should Embrace 3D Architecture

The real estate market has always been nothing short of competitive. Now, with the ever-changing technology, fluctuating market prices, and changing trends, it’s even harder for real estate business owners to gain a competitive edge. But even in such a fast-paced and high-stress market, some entities seem to be thriving with each dawn. What’s the secret? Simple, such businesses are leaving nothing to chance. They embrace every bit of innovation at their disposal and use it to set themselves apart from the rest of the pack. One such change is 3D architecture. If you’ve never given it a thought, read on to see how it would benefit your real estate business. 

Prospects are More Drawn to 3D Property Presentations

Humans are visual beings. The National Association of Realtors specifies that 87% of property buyers often decide whether or not to attend a property showing based on the photos on the listing. A prospect will be more inclined to buy your property when they can see it, or when they have the idea of the shapes, color, and dimensions. 3D depictions offer them exactly that and more. Unlike photos which can be at times be deceptive, 3D depictions are realistic and give them the exact idea of what they should expect when they visit the property physically. Therefore, when comparing properties, a client is more likely to go for a well-detailed 3D plan than a listing with a 2D sketch or a couple of photos.

3D Simplifies Decision-making

Whenever a client wants to purchase a property, they will often visit multiple properties before they can select one. The process is both time and resource consuming. Also, you stand a high chance of losing the client midway as they might come across other properties in the process of visiting the different areas where yours are located. 

Combining 3D architecture with virtual reality is an excellent way for them to see what else you have to offer. It eliminates the hassle of traveling to each location or putting their plans on hold. It is also convenient for you and simplifies their decision-making process. 

Makes Designing a Walk in the Park 

For an untrained eye, visualizing the finished look of a property before its constructed is not an easy feat. For instance, a client may have some great ideas on how they want their property built or designed. However, how they explain these ideas and how you interpret them may be two different things. As a result, the final project ends up being different from what they expected, leaving them angry and unhappy.

Having a 3D architecture expert at the design stage eliminates any chances of this happening. This is essentially because 3D depictions are more realistic. Therefore, the client can say precisely what they want, and it’ll be turned into reality. If there are any mistakes or adjustments needed, they can be made there and so the final project can be just as the client had visualized.

Enhances the Financing Process

In real estate, money is everything. It facilitates the completion of a project and powers your marketing efforts. Unfortunately, it’s also not easy to come by. For instance, when you want a loan or investors to chip into your project, you have to convince your financiers that your project will be worthwhile. Using traditional blueprints or photos won’t be enough. But when you use 3D rendering, you’ll give them a clearer picture of what the final project will be like, and as such, increase your chances of approval.

Once reserved for video games and other forms of animation, 3D technology is slowly cementing its place in other industries. Real estate, to be precise, is one of those industries. So if you want to propel your enterprise to success, then you should consider getting the help of 3D architecture experts from a reputable firm to work with you in your upcoming projects.