beach bikini fashion 2013

Stuff We Love: High Waist Bikinis

Not always the most flattering swimsuit in the ever evolving state of beach fashion, but certainly one of the cuter, and slightly more modest trends in 2013. Part granny panty, part sexy, and entirely retro; high waist bikinis are awesome. A great alternative for someone stuck in a rut as to what "type" of bathing suit to get, without having to opt for a tankini (yuck) or something equally drab. It's a[...]
dangerous chemicals in sunscreen

Dangerous Chemicals in Sunscreen: Aren’t These Kind of Missing the Point Here?

Summer is here, you probably have your beach swag all ready to go: swimwear, sunglasses, towel, beach bag, a flask--the essentials. Before you grab the sunscreen though, have you looked at the label? Almost one-fourth of sunscreens contain harmful ingredients, many of which can cause--drum-roll please--cancer. So, while you're putting sunscreen on to avoid skin cancer and burns, you're risking cancer b[...]

Beach Fashion 2013

For some of us west coastians/southerners it's starting to get hot already, don't say you envy it--because many of us here are certainly not ready to deal with steering wheel burns, boob sweat, and sunglass tan. Anyway, while I can't stop the weather gods, I can at least fantasize about a new gaggle of vintage summer beach fashion finds, right? 1. ETE Swim The St. Tropez Bikini, $275. Talk about ad[...]