Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Makeup Released Today at Sephora!

The highly anticipated Marc Jacobs makeup line was released today at Sephora! The fashion designer released 122 different products from foundation to nail polish and "boy tested, girl approved" products marketed to both sexes. Sephora did a product preview in late July and ended up selling out of all the Marc Jacobs products in a matter of hours.  Jacobs is not a fan of subdued, natural colors, so[...]

Fashion Icon: Marc Jacobs

From humble grunge beginnings to renowned design powerhouse, Marc Jacobs is one of the quintessential American designers of the 21st century. A native New Yorker, Jacobs was born on April 9, 1963, but quickly had part of his childhood taken because of the death of his father. His mother was mentally ill and unable to properly take care of children, so he was then put in the custody of his grandparent[...]