Where To Start When You Want To Collect Antiques

Antiques can bring a lot of joy to those people that collect them, and there are plenty of different antiques that you can buy to start your collection. If this is something that has appealed to you, but you do not know where to start, there is plenty of advice below to help you get started and open up your eyes to the world of antiques and vintage collectables. Collect What Appeals To You The f[...]

The Special Memories Behind a Charm Bracelet

Many of us have a piece of jewelry that we hold dear to our heart. One of the most meaningful pieces of jewelry is the charm bracelet. It is the perfect piece to show off your personality while also keeping special memories close. There are a number of different charm bracelet styles to choose from, so you will always be able to find one that suits your style. On top of that, there are even more typ[...]

A Charming Winery in the Heart of the Black Hills

South Dakota is home to the beautiful Black Hills and in the midst of all of its beauty sits the quaint town of Sturgis. You may have heard of Sturgis before. The town is known for its yearly epic motorcycle rally, but when it isn’t rally season, the small town is calm. Located in Sturgis is a gorgeous and elegant winery, Belle Joli’. The Belle Joli’ Winery Sparkling House in Sturgis and t[...]

Jessica Simpson Really Does Design the Best Accessories

It started with a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes. About 7 years ago I bought my first pair of Jessica Simpson heels and fell in love. It was all downhill from there. I started to get more of her shoes and then I got a Jessica Simpson handbag. I loved it so much that now I will only buy Jessica Simpson handbags. But it doesn’t stop at shoes and handbags. I started buying her sunglasses, necklaces,[...]

Don’t Call it a Comeback…Bath & Body Brings Back Scents

Bath & Body Works is my go to place for everything from shower gels to lotions to candles to home fragrances. I have always loved a variety of their fragrances. Growing up I remember having favorites and them being discontinued. So I was beyond excited to see that some of the scents from the 90s are making a come back! Don’t get me wrong, I love the newer scents from Bath & Body Works,[...]

Maison Martin Margiela 2015: An Ethical Pickle

Let me preface: It's really hard for me to appreciate the work of someone who holds a prejudice towards a particular group of people. Kicked out of the House of Dior because of an abominable antisemitic tirade, and shunned from the fashion community as a whole, John Galliano has entered the fashion world as the creative director for Maison Martin Margiela. Before this drunken night of racist, ignora[...]
Phillip Lim Target Dress

Hey! I Can Afford That: Phillip Lim for Target

As much as I enjoy designers who go crazy and turn a bowl full of chiffon and stale cookies into a masterpiece: sometimes less is more. Phillip Lim is one of those masters of the minimal. It's a simpler look; clean, but till fun at the same time. The dressy/casual looks are now coming to a store near you, Phillip Lim for Target will be released on September 15 ranging from $19.99 to $299.99 a piece. He[...]

Marc Jacobs Makeup Released Today at Sephora!

The highly anticipated Marc Jacobs makeup line was released today at Sephora! The fashion designer released 122 different products from foundation to nail polish and "boy tested, girl approved" products marketed to both sexes. Sephora did a product preview in late July and ended up selling out of all the Marc Jacobs products in a matter of hours.  Jacobs is not a fan of subdued, natural colors, so[...]

True Norwegian Black Denim: Anti Denim’s Experiment with Textiles and Sound

In Norway, Anti Denim, the slightly xenophobic line from Anti-Sweden has decided to take their own stab at creating a unique fusion of art, sound, and denim. During their event last month, aptly titled, Resonance, one single chord rang out as the limited collection was introduced, after a years culmination. The note was translated into denim, from sound to material, and celebrated with a haunting c[...]