Hey! I Can Afford That: Phillip Lim for Target

Phillip Lim Target Dress

As much as I enjoy designers who go crazy and turn a bowl full of chiffon and stale cookies into a masterpiece: sometimes less is more. Phillip Lim is one of those masters of the minimal. It’s a simpler look; clean, but till fun at the same time. The dressy/casual looks are now coming to a store near you, Phillip Lim for Target will be released on September 15 ranging from $19.99 to $299.99 a piece. He’s got some great looks for men too… Here are a few sneaky peeks:

Phillip Lim for Target Phillip Lim Menswear Target 2013

From PJs to nightwear–Lim covered all the basis on womenswear. Got the little black dress, the flats, the printed dress, the suit, the bag–the list goes on. I can’t wait to see the whole shebang, but this will do for now.

Phillip Lim for Target Outfit

Phillip Lim Target Dress

Phillip Lim Suit

Target Phillip Lim Grey Bag

little black dress Lim for Target

Are you into any of the new Phillip Lim for Target looks?