Phillip Lim Target Dress

Hey! I Can Afford That: Phillip Lim for Target

As much as I enjoy designers who go crazy and turn a bowl full of chiffon and stale cookies into a masterpiece: sometimes less is more. Phillip Lim is one of those masters of the minimal. It's a simpler look; clean, but till fun at the same time. The dressy/casual looks are now coming to a store near you, Phillip Lim for Target will be released on September 15 ranging from $19.99 to $299.99 a piece. He[...]
cheap sexy summer skirts

5 Sexy Summer Skirts Worth Mentioning

Buying jeans is the crux of most people's existence, but, for me, finding a good skirt is a huge burden. They're always too short, too long, too colorful, too boring or just not in my size. So, now it's the weekend, it's hot as balls, I have a lust for cheap summer skirts, and I just got paid--it's time for... Some of the cutest ones I have come across today: 1. This adorable longer chiffon s[...]