The beauty industry is of course an enormous worldwide powerhouse

The beauty industry is of course an enormous worldwide powerhouse, but where did makeup, hair products and beauty regimes come from?  Why do we spend hours in front of mirrors before venturing out?

It certainly isn’t evolution, it is of course adaptation within our social environment. For example, in ancient times, thin people may be seen as unattractive and even sickly. In England and much of the world there was a time that being as pale as possible was considered to be far more attractive.  This, it was thought came from the field workers and farm hands becoming tanned whilst working the land outdoors, hence people higher up the social ladder at the time would be naturally paler.

Indeed make up has been around in many guises, but has of course followed human society and culture at the time.  Make up to make your self white and now make up to give you a tanned look is the norm.

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