Holiday Wrapping Tips


With the holidays brings presents and that means you could spend a good amount of your time trying to wrap everything perfectly. I am no Martha Stewart, but I have become pretty good at wrapping presents and so can you with these helpful tips!Wrapping

Wrap presents early
This is something I have down pat. Always try to wrap your presents early so you don’t have to rush through them right before Christmas day. Once you get a present, wrap it! You can add a sticky note to label your presents so you know what goes to who and when it gets closer to the holidays, you can add bows, ribbons and tags to all of them at once.

Color code gifts
If you have a lot of gifts this year and don’t want to mess with gift tags, try to wrap gifts for one specific person in the same color. So for every person that is getting a bunch of presents, use a different color and wrap all of their presents in the same color. It is easy and always a lot of fun.

Wrap boxes like a pro
Don’t forget to opt for a luxury designed box! Wrapping boxes is always difficult to me. Some of them are just not easy to wrap. The key to perfectly wrapping a box is to never use too much wrapping paper. Start by wrapping the paper around the box and trim it so that the ends overlap each other just by a few inches. When you are folding the ends, just make sure the paper extends to just a little halfway over the box.

Recycle and reuse gift-wrap
Never throw away used wrapping paper, ribbon or bows if they are not damaged. You can always use them for something. You can trim the wrapping paper to use for a smaller gift or use it to fill boxes or bags. Bows and ribbons can be used on gifts if they are still looking good.

Use decorative tape
I love decorative tape! Not only does it work as tape, but also it is so pretty! You can actually use it to wrap your presents and then not have to use ribbon on top of it. There are so many different colors, patterns and widths that you will be able to find something to match all of your wrapping paper.

Keep everything in one bin
This tip has been extremely helpful to keep things organized. Use one bin to store all of your wrapping items. You will always know where to look and always know how much of something you have. Keep all of your bows, ribbon, tissue paper, wrapping paper, scissors, decorative tape and gift bags in one convenient spot! It really does come in handy when you go to wrap all of those presents.