10 Crazy Challenges to do with Friends

Many new cuffuffles are trending on internet for challenging friends on various types of acts. These pastimes dares are fun to experience and are mostly carried out with family and friends. There are end number of challenges getting viral nowadays among the young people. But while trying these dares with family members, one has to be little careful. Some of these challenges are at times silly, risky, and heart popping, and all might not like to participate willingly. Well, it depends on person to person, and also on the nature of the person taking up that challenge.

Mainly such fun challenges take place among friends or cousins’ group as they seem to be more sporting as well as wild. Avoiding boredom and having fun is what you get thru these fun challenges. These dares might be risky or at times gross for some age groups because all won’t be able to take up the extreme goads at once. Always make sure that the defies you take up among friends or family must be funny and avoid any health perils.

Also see that if the challenge is related to food or drinks, then the person taking up that challenge must not suffer from any kind of allergies. Making it a safe and enjoyable challenge should e the priority. The next big thing to remember while planning such pranks is that no one’s religious or sentimental values should be hurt. Going out of your way is not something that will be acceptable by all.

Last but very important thing you need to remember while you do these fun activities with family and friends- don’t forget to take up the videos or pics for your lifetime memories collection. You can also share these fun challenges on your social media pages or on your WhatsApp group. So, now let’s have a look at the top 10 fun crazy challenges trending nowadays among the young lads.

Tops 10 Crazy Challenges to do with Friends

You might find 100s of crazy challenge on YouTubes or Facebook or Instagram these days, but we have tried to shorten the list and taken up the most popular and common 10 crazy challenges to with friends at parties, at open grounds or at home.

10-second challenge

This crazy challenge is famous among friends or at family parties. In this challenge, you challenge others to finish up the given task in less than 10 seconds. The tasks may involve putting thread in a needle, finishing or making a yummy sandwich with given things, finishing a bottle of drink, tying your shoe lace, or solving an equation in less than 10 seconds.

It is always fun to see such challenges as the participants put in their full energy to complete the task quickly. This challenge involves no risk at all and that is why is liked by all.

Ice-bucket challenge

If you live on this planet, then you must have surely heard about this ice-bucket challenge which started to help ALS funding. But slowly it became the craziest and fun-loving challenge amongst friends. In this task, a bucket filled of ice water or very cold water is kept in front of group of people, and participants are challenged to participate.

The one who accepts the challenge, puts the bucket filled with iced or cold water on him. After completing the challenge, participants must be given towels to get dry. Participants can also bring in their extra pair of clothes to change after the completing the challenge.

Vaping challenge

If your friends have never tried smoking or vaping ever and you want them to take up that dare once in front of others, then challenge them to do so. It is fun to see them using vapes for the first time as their reactions are worth capturing or videoing. You can just ask them to try them any simple vape. Or else you ask them to choose any brand like Mig Vapor, vitaminvape, Smokea, and etc. No one should be forced to do such things, only if they willingly want to do, they can take up the challenge. This challenge is fun for some, but not for all -as some might not be able to breathe in the smoke due to health issues. Smoking in any form is injurious to health.

Food challenge

It is always fun to challenge friends for eating those food items which they don’t like or avoid just because of the taste or look. The less appealing the food the more fun adds to the challenge. Or you might ask others to get blindfolded and test various foods and tell the taste of it. Baby food challenge, spicy food challenge, unlimited eating challenge or big meal challenge, are few such crazy food challenges that are tried among friends for fun.

Baby food challenge is fun to watch as the participants reactions are hilarious after putting baby food in mouth. Spicy food challenge is mostly taken up by those who boast about loving chill and spicy food. Big meal or unlimited eating challenge is fun for those who have a good diet and boast about having anything that comes on the food table. The challenge becomes enjoyable when they are not able to do that and behave in drollest way in order to fulfil the dare.

Spinning the bottle challenge

This challenge is the most common and indeed the oldest of all the challenges. A group of friends sit together in a circle and keep a glass bottle in the middle. On of the friend spins the bottle and wait for it to stop pointing towards one of the. Now that friend is either challenged to do something bold or reveal something truthfully in front of all. This challenge is very interesting as friends ask juvenile or secret questions to create a disgusting situation for the player. The dares given are also very bizarre to create a whacky environment.

Well, whatever might be the dare given or truth asked, it should not be too personal to result in distressing one’s personal relations or put him/her into dangerous situations of life. Otherwise this challenge is very much enjoyable if taken up with even-handed spirit and in exuberant environment.

Blindfold challenge

You have to blind fold a person and then challenge him to do various things. The participating individuals can be challenged to do a makeup on anotherfriend’s face, or kiss some object blindfolded and tell what it was. Even drawing something or tasting something weird blindfolded adds up more excitement to the challenge. Other fun game is to blindfold a person and make him hit a target closely to win the challenge.

You can also put a post of a celebrity in front of the blindfolded person and ask him to put the ornaments at the right place. Friends there are many blindfolding challenges trending on the social media that adds more fun to the boring meetups.

Trix cereal challenge

This challenge is fun to try with friends who are diet conscious. The challenge is done with Trix cereal big box of colourful balls, high in calories and weird tasting. This is liked by kids mostly and one big box has almost 5000 plus calories. The dare is to eat the full packet without adding milk to it and also not drinking any liquid with it. This challenge should not be taken up by those who have diabetes or any similar kind of disease as the sugar levels are high in these cereals.

It will be fun to shoot the moment as it become difficult for the contenders to finish up the whole ball without drinking any liquid.

Pocket It challenge

in this challenge on friend dare another to put whatever he has in his hand in his pocket immediately. This dare is given specially when the other is having a liquid substance (cola, coffee, sauce, etc.) in his hand or having an ingredient like tea leaves, raw coffee, sugar, or salt. Most of the time the challenge takes place when the other friend is about to consume that liquid or about to put it in something to prepare a dish.

For example, if you friend is about to make a tea and takes out tea leaves and milk to put in a vessel and you ask him to accept your Pocket It challenge. He accepts it and put everything in his pocket. You can try this while your friend is going to eat noodles or put sauce on a sandwich. This challenge is real fun with friends, though the clothes might get too dirty. But friendship is not comparable to these small loses.

Who’s that pretty girl? challenge

This is next trending challenge on social media when friends are challenged to become a girl or behave like a girl. This challenge game is famous among boys where one friend asks the other “Who’s the pretty girl?”, and then the other friend has to say “it’s me” and then get dressed like a girl or do make up like her or get a tattoo like her and behave like a girl. Not only this, but the to complete the challenge the contender has to walk like that on road. You have to film the entire challenge from the starting to add the fun.

Getting Messy challenge

This challenge is too much fun when your friends have a sporting attitude and don’t mind doing anything for you in true friendship. In this challenge, you have to tell your friend – “You are way too clean” and point him to get dirty either by rolling in muddy puddle, sand, or spill whatever he has in his hand on himself immediately.

10-year challenge

Last but not the least, this 10-year challenge was quiet fun at social media when on friend asked another to post his present pic and 10-year back photo. This became viral in few minutes and everyone started challenging their friends, and it was fun seeing old and latest pics of our dear friends on Facebook, and Instagram. Some were funny while others were inspiring as some had a complete makeover in the last ten years of their life.


When it comes to compiling the list of crazy challenges to do with friends, the collection can go up to hundreds and even more, but we just got some of the latest and trending challenges for you. You can find more such funny challenges done by friends for one another. It is a fun way to try each other’ patience level and the bonding. Don’t forget to record the challenges on your phone or camcorder.

If you are also creative enough and can challenge your friends more captivatingly, then make a video and let it go viral on social media. Such videos are not only a source of entertainment, but many chaps are making handsome money thru it.

So, start your next big and crazy internet sensational video and don’t forget to tag your friends.