Top Tips For Picking Your Wedding Jewellery

When it comes to planning a wedding, many different decisions need to be made, and with so many things to decide on, there are often matters which get overlooked, such as the jewellery that the bride is going to wear on her special day. Choosing the correct jewellery can make a wedding outfit, so it is something that you should take your time considering before you decide what you are going to wear. Below are some tips to help you choose the perfect jewellery to accessorise your wedding outfit that will make you feel like a princess.

Match The Jewellery To Your Dress

You should not look to choose the jewellery that you as the bride are going to wear before you have selected your wedding dress, as you will want to match the metal in the jewellery to your dress to get the best effect. If you are wearing a dress of bright colour, then platinum or silver will look best, or if you choose an ivory gown, then you should wear yellow gold. If you are going to wear a champagne dress, then you may wish to go for yellow gold, or for a more dazzling effect choose silver and rhinestones. If you are going to wear a blush dress then rose gold is a good match, or again you can also wear silver.

What Is The Neckline Of Your Dress?

The neckline of your dress will also play an essential role in dictating the jewellery that you are going to wear for your wedding day. For a lower neckline, you may wish to choose a longer necklace that accentuates your bosom and neckline, and with a higher neckline, you may want to decide on a choker style necklace. There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the style of necklaces as well as their lengths.

Keep It Simple

The one thing that you will not want to do is to overdo it and wear jewellery that is too striking, or you wear too much. Less is sometimes more, so you will want to go for the understated look when choosing your wedding day jewellery. Selecting just a couple of quality pieces can have a much more dramatic effect when they are tasteful and not too overbearing. There is a wide selection of quality jewellery available that will be suitable for your wedding. When looking for the best jewellery for your wedding day, there are jewellers Mayfair ladies trust.

Do Not Rush Your Decision

You will want to start the selection process well in advance of your wedding day, and it is essential that you do not rush your choice as it may be something that you regret on your big day. Take your time and mix and match your jewellery until you find the right combination that you are happy with and does not take away from your dress too much and overshadow it.

One of the things that are essential to do is to be yourself and be relaxed, wear what you are comfortable with so that you can enjoy the occasion of your wedding day. Try not to get overwhelmed and take your time making your decision, while getting plenty of feedback from friends and family, as well as doing your research online. A quick Google search should lead you to articles giving more excellent tips on the jewellery to wear on your wedding day.