Must-Read Comix Pt. 1

I recently got into the works of Michigan-based¬†Megan comix writer: Rose Gedris, aka Rosalarian. Not only is she a woman in comics, she’s also a multi-talented performer and openly queer!! Some of her ridiculously relatable and lolzy comics include Meaty Yogurt, Lesbians from Outerspace, and Eat Me–I should note that many of these are NSFW.

Rosealarian comic

I would love to take a vacation into the mind of Yumi Sakugawa, because I’m sure it would be a surreal foray of introspective monsters and psychedelic encounters. While her work is often whimsical and borderline silly, the human element is very apparent. Listen to the Spaces Between the Sounds is one of my favorites illustrations by her.


I’ve been a fan of Natalie Dee forever, do you remember my ridiculous QUAB shirt??5336_144893755515_1467785_n

Yeah, that was pretty cool even though there’s no way I can squeeze into that bad boy now. ¬†Anyway, her husband does the comic you’ve probably seen before called Toothpaste for Dinner, and they both contribute to other ridiculous endeavors. Her daily (and I mean daily–she has like 3,000) comics are simple but to the point, and extremely addicting.