The different jewelry style and their selling point

First, by material:

K gold:

(1) Features: K gold has high hardness, low toughness, high brightness, not easy to deform or wear, and is relatively inexpensive (compared to platinum), while the full gold is too soft and the complicated design can’t be done. K gold labor costs are higher, the production cost is larger, and more foreign products are imported. In addition, due to its hardness and wear resistance, it can fix the diamond more firmly, and the full gold is easy to deform.

(2) Process: The K gold process requires more than a dozen gold, and it has to go through more than ten processes. Therefore, the workmanship is meticulous, the appearance is refreshing, the surface is smooth, and the internal light is strong. The processing of the gold is relatively simple, and the general hand workshop can be processed; while the K gold processing is difficult, many large machines and precision instruments are often required, and the processing personnel are also more professional, and the cost and management cost are also increased.

(3) Style: Compared with yellow platinum, K gold has more styles and is more adaptable to the process. Because K gold has good strength and flexibility, and its melting point is low, it is easy to shape, shape and expressively. Therefore, it can produce different styles, which can convey more fashionable and richer information, while yellow platinum is relatively less style and faster wear than K gold.

(4) Color: K gold color is varied, can meet the needs of customers who like different colors according to different formulas, stylish and highlight personality, simple but not monotonous.

(5) Price: Compared with platinum, K gold is more affordable. K gold not only wins with price, but also has bright and elegant color and rich change. It is more suitable for fashionable people with different personality, so that they have more space when they sing their own personality.

(6) Aesthetics: K gold is brighter and brighter than yellow platinum, with sharp edges and corners, generous shape and strong internal light. Clothing changes are also one of the reasons for the popularity of K-gold products. White my name jewelry(visit) can not fully meet the requirements of clothing changes, it seems very monotonous. And K gold products are changeable and colorful, can keep up with the changing rhythm of fashion. Some designers say that some of their products are designed with the trend of fashion, because a piece of jewelry is not an independent individual, so the development of K gold products and the use of K gold are because their versatility has become widely use.

(7) Maintenance: K gold seems to be soft, but it is fragile. It should prevent the weaving caused by creases, pulls and folds from loosening or even breaking. Therefore, in the usual bathing, sleeping, housework, you should remove the K gold jewelry to avoid scratching, and should also prevent contact with chemicals such as cosmetics, perfume, mercury, acid, etc., to prevent discoloration, and regularly go to the jewelry store for cleaning and maintenance.

Silver jewelry

Silverware is generally not expensive, but it has a mysterious tension, where it may not be eye-catching, but with the body, immediately produced a different temperament, fresh refined, unrestrained, mysterious classical, and intriguing. What’s more, the silverware is bright and not polished, but it is best suited to match the bright and colorful clothes of spring. It will never cover up the beauty of the costumes, but it is like a beautiful and touching poem on the wrists of people.

The attire is suitable for matching the sterling silver angel wing necklace with simple style and slim shape; the casual attire is suitable for matching the sterling silver ring with unique design and exaggerated shape. Silver inlaid with various artificial gemstones (not black) is suitable for young women. It is decorated with red or blue turquoise stone. It is suitable for wearing on dark sweaters. It can also be equipped with the same series of bracelets and earrings. It is very casual. . Silver-baked blue porcelain face bracelet, elegant and generous, is a classic style that is easy to match. Inlaid with garnet, or silver customized necklace, earrings and rings of amethyst, black zircon, turquoise, etc. exudes a strong mature femininity. Bracelet selling point: A. Strong sense of three-dimensional, atmospheric; B. It can reflect personal identity very well. Name Necklace at Cheap Prices, Personalize Yours Now

Platinum, because its unique character has always been regarded as a precious precious metal, in recent years, the International Platinum Association has been strongly advocated, making it more and more important in the wedding ring.

1. Highest purity Platinum alloys contain 95% pure platinum and 18K gold is 75% gold. A piece of platinum jewelry has a higher purity than gold jewelry.

2. Most rare Each year, the world produces 140 tons of platinum, while gold produces 3,300 tons per year.

3. Only skilled craftsmen can make it. Platinum has a higher melting point than gold, so the technical requirements for workers are more skilled.

4. Most stable Platinum is the most resistant metal to acids, bases, high temperatures, etc. It does not fade or discolor. Platinum rings are generally not deformed.

5. Good gloss and ductility Platinum has a natural white color and luster that does not affect the color of the gemstones. It also gives the gemstones a radiance and “fire”, and good ductility makes them suitable for processing.

6. There is absolutely no allergic reaction to those wearing jewelry.

7. Valuable and outstanding