Top 6 Relaxing Sports You Should Try Today

The benefits of sports are endless, from maintaining a healthy body and losing weight to improving sleep habits and enhancing concentration. However, a growing number of people have been resorting to sports to find relaxation, clear their minds and get away from their stressful daily routines. Here we have a list of top 6 relaxing sports you should start today:


People who love and practice running regularly will tell you that it is addictive and that they feel euphoric following their run. So called “runner’s high” was considered a myth until 2008, when German researchers used brain scan on experienced runners and found that their brains produced endorphins after two-hour-long runs. Endorphins are hormones that reduce pain, stress and anxiety. They trigger a positive feeling in our bodies, which helps us relax and makes us feel good. So next time you are feeling down, put on your running shoes and search for that runner’s high.


Golf is one of the most popular sports worldwide and there is a reason behind that. Interacting with nature and other like-minded people while playing golf alleviates stress levels. It is a great way to forget about your troubles and focus your attention on your swings. However, to achieve the highest levels of relaxation while golfing, you must wear the appropriate attire. Experienced golfers search for comfort, breathability and weather protection when shopping for their golf outfits. You can find these in golf clothing by TheGolfSociety or Titleist.


What is a better way to clear your mind than to go for a hike in nature? Hiking is an effective stress releasing technique that is advised by doctors worldwide. It clears your mind, increases your endorphin levels, helps you disconnect from your daily life and surround yourself with nature. It is a fulfilling activity that satisfies your mind, soul and body. However, it is important to be prepared when you go hiking. Always take with you first aid kit, water and a charged phone. Additionally, stay in reception areas or the fear of getting lost with no connection will increase your stress and anxiety.

Tai Chi

Tai chi is a non-competitive Chinese martial art that combines physical exercises with meditation. It appeared in the 12th century in China and has spread worldwide because of its benefits. It is known to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. The best thing about Tai Chi is that it is safe for people of any age because it does not add too much stress on the muscles and joints. It needs minimal equipment and space and could be practiced anywhere. It is a way for the mind and body to connect together promoting calmness.


Most people go swimming either because of the hot weather or because of doctor’s orders. Swimming has many overlooked benefits, including breathe control, muscle toning and improving mental health. The peaceful relaxing nature of swimming alleviates stress while producing endorphins benefiting your mental health. Additionally, rhythmic repetitive strokes and the sound of water help you disconnect and focus on your breathing, leaving you refreshed and relaxed post swim.


Another outdoor sport that helps you relax is biking. It is a great way to get some exercise, clear your mind and breathe some fresh air. You do not have to be a professional cyclist to enjoy it. Start gradually and slowly, choose flat roads and enjoy your surroundings. You can ride around with friends or alone, it is great either way. Just remember to be always prepared with a first aid kit and some water to hydrate.