Women’s Fashion Basics: Everything to Know

Did you know that the popular capsule wardrobe trend started back in the 1970s? Coined by a London boutique owner, the concept focuses on a few closet essentials which can be mixed and matched with seasonal items. It creates a timeless wardrobe that helps make getting dressed easy. 

Are you trying to figure out what fashion basics you should have in your closet? Whether you are putting together a capsule wardrobe or not, there are several items every woman should have on rotation. Read on to learn all about the top women’s wardrobe essentials.

Good Denim 

It’s no secret that a great pair of jeans can make an outfit. So when building your closet basics, opt for a few pairs of jeans in different cuts that flatter your body shape. Also consider different denim washes, from light to dark hues. 

Basic T-shirts

No closet is complete without a solid white t-shirt. This staple is a go-to classic for a reason since it can be worn with everything from jeans and a blazer to shorts and sandals. You can also have neutral and colored versions to wear under dresses and with skirts. 

Dresses, Skirts, and Jumpsuits

For women looking for a one-and-done outfit, there’s no easier solution than a dress or a jumpsuit. Keep a few on hand for both formal and informal occasions. And a few classic skirts can be mixed and matched with tops to give you more outfit options. 

Essential Shoes

There’s no denying the power of a good shoe to elevate an ensemble, so choose yours wisely. Ensure that you have a selection of flats, heels, and sports shoes in your closet. Picking ones in neutral hues will allow them to mix and match with more outfits. 

Outerwear Fashion Basics

When putting together your new wardrobe, don’t forget to add seasonal items like outerwear. Select a jacket, raincoat, and winter coat that fits the needs of the climate you live in. Then add light layers like blazers and vests for more wardrobe versatility. 

Versatile Accessories

Women’s fashion is ever-changing, which can make finding the right accessories feel like a challenge sometimes. Don’t succumb to trends, but instead reach for classics in purses, scarves, and jewelry. If you can, try to select ones that complement the shoes that you own already. 


No matter what type of style you subscribe to, it’s important to give it a good foundation by picking the right undergarments to support it. Do your research and find the right fit and materials for bras and underwear. If you’re not sure where to start, you can check out panties on sale found here online. 

Build a Better Wardrobe

Now that you’ve read all about fashion basics, you can build a better wardrobe for yourself. Start with quality undergarments that fit correctly. Then invest in good denim, classic t-shirts, blouses, and outer layers like jackets and blazers. 

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