Working on a Plane: Do These Tips Work?


I have heard some awesome tips for people who need to get work done while flying. I am actually going to be flying later today and I am going to put these tips to use to see if they actually make a difference.Traveling

First, I have heard that sitting in the exit row gives you more room and makes for a more pleasant working experience while you are flying the friendly skies. Luckily, I was able to get my seat in the exit row. I know this row gives you more room so I am hoping to will make things easier for me while working on my laptop.

It is always a good idea to be prepared no matter what, but especially when you know you have work to do on your flight. I wasn’t able to get a flight with WiFi, so that means I need to have all my research done prior to me boarding the flight. This isn’t going to be hard for me because I am a very organized person and I always have everything I need ahead of time.

Another tip that is sort of a no brainer is to make sure that all of your electronics are charged and to bring an extra battery pack or external charger. My flight is less than 3 hours so I know I don’t really need an extra battery or external charger. But I will be bringing my charger so that I can charge my computer while using it in the airport. This is always easy to do because there are plenty of outlets to use at the airport. I can still get some work done before I board and not have to worry about not having enough juice for my flight. However, I would always avoid public networks to prevent Wi-Fi hacking in the airport.

I am really interested to see if these tips will make it easier for me to get some work done while on the plane. I don’t really need anything but my computer to do my work so I have it pretty easy. But make sure to stay tuned for my results and for additional tips that I will find to help you get your work done more efficiently while flying!