5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hooking Up With Someone New

Meeting someone new can be scary. To help make things easier on you, here are five questions to ask yourself before hooking up with someone new.

1. When were you last tested?

Can you remember the last time you had an STI/STD screening? Were you tested for COVID-19 recently? One of the most responsible things you can do for yourself and others is to stay up-to-date on any and all testing.

If you were tested recently, then ask yourself: Has my partner been tested recently? Or, do you still need to have this conversation with them? Assess how and when you would like to bring up this topic with your new partner. Even though it may feel awkward discussing this topic at first, it will ultimately keep both of you (among others) safe.

Note: If they’re not willing or ready to have this conversation with you yet, then you may want to reassess the value of the relationship you have with this hookup.

2. Did you discuss boundaries?

Although you may be looking for a hookup with little turnaround time, it’s important that you take time to discuss your boundaries before meeting up. “Boundaries” can extend far past the physical aspects of an intimate relationship, too.

Boundaries can include discussing someone’s pronouns, nicknames, and triggers in addition to what someone feels comfortable committing to physically at the moment. Having this conversation before hooking up can also help you avoid any awkward situations or getting “swept up in the moment.”

3. How is your personal hygiene?

When was the last time you had a proper shave and a shower? Personal hygiene is sexy, and you will feel sexy when you know you look and smell good, too. Although getting a haircut may be out of your control right now, there are things that you have the power of doing from your home or flat that are sure to impress your new date.

Taking care of yourself can also include doing the wash, cleaning your room, or even exercising in your free time. There are many different ways to keep your mind and body healthy from the inside and out, so try something new to make you look and feel good before you meet your new hookup.

4. Where are you planning to meet up?

How did you meet this person, and where would you ideally like to hook up? Have you exhausted your local dating apps, or are you looking for a new type of sexual experience?

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5. What do YOU want?

What is it that you want from your hookup, and what do you want to come of it after? You are entitled to your boundaries and feelings, and it will help you in the long-term to establish your expectations upfront with your hookup before anything gets messy later. It is also equally important to listen to what your hookup wants, needs, and expects with this relationship as well as keeping in mind what it is that you want from it, too. Active listening will make you a more responsive partner and hookup, which is a huge turn-on for anyone.

Whether you are looking for a no-strings-attached hookup or a committed relationship, it’s important to take inventory and ask yourself a few questions before diving head-first into the hookup realm.