5 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Fashion Accessories for Men

If you are a man looking to add interest to your wardrobe, then accessories are definitely worth considering. Stylish, practical and a great talking point, when done correctly accessories can really make you stand out from the crowd and turn a great outfit into an outstanding outfit. What follows is a breakdown of the dos and don’ts of accessorising for men handpicked by the stylists at stchd.


Selecting the right scarf for your look can be a problem. Too often, shops sell a wide variety of patterned scarfs on the run up to Christmas. But, a far safer option is to choose a good quality scarf in one colour. For starters, find a fabric you are comfortable with – merino wool is a little pricey but exceptionally soft and warm, or a light wool is good if you are on a budget. Next, you should choose a neutral or contrasting colour that you would be comfortable wearing with your most-used outfits.


Hats can be difficult to get right and you are best off trying them on in a store than going online. For a smart look in the city, a flat cap is a popular look for now. You could also experiment with a brimmed hat like a fedora or boater – although these will look best on men with a heart-shaped face. For a more casual look, a simple baseball cap or ski hat works on a lot of people.


Timepieces can make or break an outfit and can reveal a lot about your personality, style, and social status. You can go all out and buy a simple but practical watch that you don’t have to worry about. Alternatively, you can show present yourself in a much classier way by opting for a flashier timepiece. Discover watches by Tag Heuer and you are sure to find a timepiece that suits you.


Belts will – quite literally – tie your outfit together. A simple belt can greatly improve your appearance and are also obviously very helpful if your trousers are a little loose. The safest choice is to go for a high-quality leather belt in brown or black. Ideally, you would have one of each so that you can match your belt to the colour of your shoes.


Depending on your look a necklace, chain or pendant can be a very good or very bad idea. If you are dressing smart a simple chain will suffice. However, if you are a younger man and wearing a more casual outfit then a string with a shell, tooth, or metal pendant can work well – just make sure you aren’t wearing a pendant that is too large or outrageous.

So, there we have it, some basic tips to help you pick the right accessory for you. Make the most of this easy, cost-effective way to transform your wardrobe by investing in a high-quality accessory that you might find you will wear every day from now on.