Dental Veneers: Do I Need Them?

Dental Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are custom made for each individual patient; once properly created they are bonded to the tooth’s original enamel. This creates a natural and great smile. They are mainly used to help jagged, discolored, chipped, or divergent spaced teeth. They're an excellent option if you need something affordable with efficiency. The Different Types It’s imp[...]

Would Carrie and Mr. Big still be together today?

  Do not read on if you are very very fan of the couple formed by Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big or if you have not yet seen 'Sex in New York', you already have. When it is 20 years since the collection of the journalistic columns that inspired the series, its author, Candace Bushnell, has made statements that are not going to appeal to everyone. In an interview for The Guardian, Candace has confe[...]