Weddings through time

With the world around us changing at an alarming pace, there are few things that seem to stay resolute through time. You’d think that wedding traditions would be rather steadfast, right? After all, even in 2018, we’re still following the age-old traditions: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. White dresses and a ring on the left hand…but are wedding trends really so[...]

Traditions brides live by around the world

No matter where you are across the globe, getting married is often a significant moment — especially the moment when the wedding rings are placed on the fingers. However, different cultures have their own unique ways of preparing for and celebrating the happy couple’s nuptials. QUIZ, retailers of occasion dresses and going out tops, tell us a few weird and wonderful wedding traditions from aroun[...]

Outfit guide for men and women: spring weddings 2019

With springtime rapidly approaching, if you’ve been lucky enough to be invited to a spring wedding this year, you’ll need to consider your outfit. We’ve joined up with retailer of luxury women’s straight jeans, Trilogy Stores, to find out how to put together the best spring 2019 wedding outfit for men and women. Spring 2019 trends to watch First, let’s take a look at the trends set to ta[...]

Tips for dropping engagement hints

You’ve been with your partner a while now and you already know he’s the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. You’re ready and waiting for him to pop the question, but it seems like he hasn’t even thought of it — so why not drop a few hints to your man so that he knows that you’re truly ready to become engaged and wear the perfect marquise engagement ring. Retailer of bespoke[...]

Romantic Proposal Ideas

The day that you propose to your significant other will be an important milestone in your life. These precious few seconds or minutes mark a start of a new chapter of your life. It’ll be the moment you ask someone to marry you and be with you for the rest of your lives. More than the venue, the engagement ring, the flowers, all the props, choreography, and surprises, you want these few moments to[...]

How Should You Dress for a Wedding in a Different Culture?

We all love to receive a wedding invite — the fact that the special couple wants you to be there to share their day with them is a nice note. But being a wedding guest doesn’t come without preparation. Choosing a gift is hard enough, but what about an outfit? Selecting a guest outfit for a wedding in the UK is hard enough, but what about if you’ve been invited to a wedding of a different culture?[...]

3 Tips for a Smooth Proposal

Proposing is a big deal so it’s important to think of all the details before moving forward with what could be the best day of your life. Here are three tips to ensure your big day goes as smooth as possible and to help create a wonderful memory that lasts forever. Set a Plan It’s a good idea to let someone else know about the proposal, be it a friend or any trusted source. By sharing your pl[...]

How to Throw a Picture-Perfect Hen Party

Your BFF has officially announced that she’s getting hitched and as her right-hand-woman, it’s your job to plan the ultimate night out. There’s not a doubt in your mind - it’s going to be a boozy weekend. But, you want to make sure the bride-to-be has a handful of pics that she can share with her mother-in-law before the alcohol gets the better of you. Read on as we share our top tips for naili[...]

An Unfiltered Tradition: Wedding Photography

Thanks to smartphones and the popularity of photo-sharing apps like Instagram, everyone is becoming an aspiring photographer! Snaps of food, landscapes, and of course, the ever-abundant selfie are flooding our social media, and with the improving camera capabilities of smartphones, the quality is rising too. But there's one area of photography that smartphones have not yet invaded - wedding photogra[...]