Dressing Up Has a Big Impact on Confidence

In the age of flexible work hours and remote work, there seems to be less emphasis on dressing for success. You can still do your job in your pajamas and you don’t have to leave home to do your groceries anymore. It’s a personal choice, however, to stop caring about your appearance.

Maybe if you considered how dressing up impacted your confidence, you’ll think twice about staying in your pajamas the whole day.

Body Positivity

It’s hardly a testament of self-love to stay indoors and in your most comfortable ratty shirt. They make you feel comfortable, sure, but they also stop you from interacting with the rest of the world. It’s not that big of a deal if you work in an office and have to socialize with your colleagues most of the week; everyone deserves their alone time. When you’re holed up most of your days, it’s a different situation. It’s convenient to buy everything from clothes to facial cleanser online instead of heading to the mall, but try to get out more to see different kinds of people dressing up to the nines–no matter their shape or size. If you saw more people who displayed body positivity, it will be easier to be more confident in yourself.

Working with What You Have

Some days are harder than others, and during those days, you could use a little boost. Dressing up improves your confidence and makes you feel like you can conquer anything. It might be a temporary feeling, but it can get you through the day. If you can give yourself that confidence boost every day, you’re building a habit and soon, you can confidently say that you believe in yourself.

Imparting Confidence in Others

You were that person who used to hate how they look. You turned things around, wore makeup that improved your features, chose flattering clothes, and now, you love how you look. But not everyone feels that way about themselves–yet. Those people who may be needing a little bit of inspiration can get it from you. You’re dressing up mostly for yourself, but remember that you may also be encouraging others to give self-love a try.

Dressing up is not just an arbitrary choice. When you spend time on how you look, the world notices how much love you’re giving yourself, and they’ll also want to do the same.