How To Get Your Car Ready for Summertime

You know that Old Man Winter can be rough on your vehicle. But blazing hot summers can pose just as much of a threat. Searing heat and the burning sun overhead can wreak havoc on your car’s exterior. But covers for cars and custom truck covers offer a lot of protection against outdoor hazards. Before Mother Nature turns up the thermostat, take a look at some great tips for keeping your set of wheels in top shape during the entire season.

Keep Your Interior Cool All Summer

No one looks forward to getting inside a hot car. Gripping the steering wheel can feel as if you’re holding a hot iron brand. Heat from your seats can also radiate through your clothes, creating an unpleasant experience. When this happens, you can’t cool down fast enough.

But excess summer heat is dangerous to you and your passengers. Parked for one hour in the sun, temperatures inside your car can easily soar to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Left even longer, inside vehicle temperatures can be up to 70 degrees hotter than the outside air. Heatstroke can occur when body temperatures reach 104 degrees Fahrenheit or greater. The right car cover material withstands sun exposure, blocking its rays from penetrating your windshield. And that can make a big difference when it comes to comfort.

Protect Your Car’s Paint from High Temperatures

Like most drivers, you understand how inclement weather can affect your vehicle’s finish. Even during the summer, rain and high winds can cause damage of its own. And if you live in coastal areas, you’re probably concerned about saltwater’s impact on its pain job. So it makes sense that a custom cover is the quickest and easiest way to safeguard its looks.

But even bright and sunny days pose threats to your vehicle. If you park outside, especially during the day, your prized possession can take a beating. The sun’s UV radiation breaks down chemical bonds, separating longer molecule chains into shorter ones. This chemical reaction can fade pigments over time and make automotive paint dry out and crack. Meanwhile, UV rays can also deteriorate materials like cloth and plastic.

Any car cover you buy for outdoor summer use should offer UV resistance. Superweave is one great example. This durable, breathable lightweight fabric delivers all-weather protection against water, weather and UV radiation. It also excels as an indoor car cover, thanks to its exterior barrier against dust. There’s also Superweave Premium, which handles more intense sun exposure while keeping out dust and pollution. With its breathability, it screens out exterior moisture while allowing vapor and heat to escape.

Choose a Reputable Dealer

Whether you need a new car cover or custom camper covers, where you shop is just as important as what you buy. Selecting a trustworthy dealer is key to getting dependable quality and service. And getting a cover with a precise fit is easy. Your retailer will have menus for selecting enter your make, model, year and trim style. Some styles can be personalized, giving you a high-quality cover that looks great and delivers the protection you need.