How to prepare for the holiday season?

The next wave of holidays is almost here. While Christmas might not be here just not yet, if you go shopping every once in a while, odds are that you’ve already heard more than enough Christmas songs. So whether you want it or not, you need to be prepared, we all do. I know it sort of sounds like preparing for doomsday or something, but, well, it actually can be similar, sort of.

Find your cocoon
You need to find a way to hide yourself from the madness. So whether it’s a big blanket you can crawl under, your cottage far away from all the other people, or under a palm tree on a nice beach far away from anyone else. As you might have realised by now – these are suggestions to people who are not fans of the forced holiday.

Find the money for things nobody needs
Christmas is a time for giving – or that’s what they say. In reality the holiday has become extremely commercialised and what the Holiday or Christmas means today is in huge part something very different. It’s true that it’s still time to get together with your family, but that’s just one side of it. The other one is that everyone expects presents, or feels the obligation to get presents for others. And let’s be honest, a lot of these presents are not needed. So why do that? If you really want to buy someone something, buy them an online lottery, maybe they’ll be lucky. And you can be sure that they will be happier with a losing ticket than with the sweater that they wouldn’t like. Did you know that roughly 40% of all clothing and around 8% of all electrical goods bought online are returned in January? That shows tell you enough.

Get your alcohol ready
So to survive the holidays and remain sane enough, having a bit of booze at home to take the edge off might be a good idea. Of course, I don’t recommend drinking alone, but instead of buying people presents, why not get them to buy some good craft beers instead.