What To Do After A Successful Marriage Proposal

It is without a doubt one of the happiest times of any young man’s life is when he has made the proposal on one knee and she said “yes.” A feeling of elation must surely follow. He got the answer he was looking for and when the excitement dies down, he might be feeling a little emotionally drained. Then it is time to think about future plans and if you as the man have just popped the question, here are a few important aspects to consider.

  • Plan The Engagement Party – Perhaps the very first thing to arrange is a celebration. It is perfectly normal to want to tell the entire world of your good fortune and whether you decide on a formal, invitation-only event, or a gathering of family and friends at your local bar, don’t delay in raising a few glasses to celebrate the up and coming wedding.
  • Publicise The Engagement Photos – Using your social media accounts, post the best of the images you took of the proposal and inform everyone of the up and coming wedding. Social media is by far the best way to make this announcement, as your feed will reach all those who know you.
  • Double Check If She Is Happy With The Engagement Ring – The ring might need a few minor adjustments, so make sure you ask her about the fit. Finding engagement rings in Brisbane is relatively easy with an online search, and the jeweller who sold you the ring can also carry out any minor alterations, should they be required. If you did your homework, the ring should be a perfect fit and the next visit to the jewellers will involve the wedding ring selection.
  • Set A Wedding Date – Traditionally, the wedding would soon follow the engagement and if you haven’t already made plans, this should be on top of your list of things to do. This is a major event and it will require some professional planning – you might need some help with this – to arrange everything. Discuss the up and coming wedding with your partner and both families, who would likely be willing to help with the costs.

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  • Choose The Wedding Bands – You and your bride-to-be should revisit the jeweller to choose suitable wedding rings (if you haven’t already). Most couples will stay with the same design type of the engagement ring and with the rings agreed upon, you can focus your energy on arranging the up and coming wedding.
  • Decide On A Honeymoon Destination – Now is the time to plan your honeymoon, making all the bookings well in advance to avoid disappointment. Once reservations have been made and air tickets purchased, you can focus your attention on the wedding itself.

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For some further reading on what to do after a successful marriage proposal, there are articles available online which might help you plan for the future.

This is definitely a time for celebration and after you and your friends have raised a few glasses, it is time to move forward and plan for the up and coming wedding, which is the natural progression after a successful marriage proposal.


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