Simple Ways to Pay for Your Vacation

It’s getting to that time when we all need a holiday. Apparently Mauritius with it’s crisp white sands and amazing sea has been voted the best holiday destination. But trips there don’t come cheap. Neither do awesome trips to Thailand for food, sights and endless beaches. Or holidays with the gods on the beautiful island of Cyprus while playing on Slots sites like: or 888casino.

Whatever floats your boat, whichever you choose as your must visit destination for 2018 you’ll probably need to shell out a fair bit. But don’t worry there are some cunning ways you can make your bank balance that little bit healthier. Read more below:

Unlock cash from unwanted gift cards

If you have random gift cards from relatives that don’t know you at for shops that you never go to don’t leave them collecting dust. If you go to sites like Zeek and Zapper you can trade those cards in for cold hard cash – that you can spend on warm, sunny holidays! Zapper will give you a quarter of the face value while Zeek is like a marketplace and you set the price you want for the cards.

Make the most of your skills

If you’ve got an untapped talent, unlock it and you could be in the money! Loads of places give you opportunity to get cash for your skills in your free time. Check out Taskrabbit if you are a skilled DIY expert – this site will put you in contact with people who need odd jobs doing. We’re not talking building a wall or anything, just simple stuff like putting pictures up, gardening etc. other sites you can look at include Fiverr and people per hour – especially if you have creative, video or programming skills.

Move your current account

This is a brilliant and work free way to get cash from the banks – for once! It might seem daunting but the government have made it really easy to do this and the banks have to do all the hard work. It only takes 7 days and your rewards will be: £75 from Halifax, £100 from First Direct, £150 Fromm HSBC – plus an extra 50 if you stay for 12 months.

A small risk, a big win

Put aside your preconceptions and stereotypes of betting. It’s no longer old drunks in dingy betting shops losing all their money and crying into the Racing Post, there are plenty of low risk and really fun online casinos that can get your hands on some tasty winnings. Lots of women enjoy casino games in places like and if you’re lucky you could be in Mauritius before you know it. Just make sure you only gamble what you can afford to lose.

 Get a Lodger

Even if it’s only in the short term, if you’ve got a spare room then offering it up to someone can rake in some serious holiday funds. And when they are irritating you the thought of that beach, those cocktails and that R&R will keep you going. You can earn up to 7500 tax free from a lodger. Happy days.