Top kitchen gadgets and tools for vegetarian or vegan lifestyle

There is no doubt that we are all becoming much more aware of the impact we have on the environment, and making better choices in the things we buy and how much we waste. We want to know that our products and food comes from good sustainable sources. But what about the food we choose to eat?

It is not news that the meat and dairy industries require a vast amount of resources in production. Far, far more than the production of vegetables and grains. So it is the next logical step for conscientious consumers, reducing their meat intake. There is no reason however , not to make this as simple as possible though. If you are about to take the plunge, here are some things that might just help you stick to your new eating habits.

Get an excellent set of knives

Firstly, blunt knives are dangerous. More dangerous than sharp ones. So make sure your knife set has a good sharpener that comes with it.

Secondly, look at getting the right knife for the right job. Chopping a butternut squash will be very different to chopping a tomato. The wrong knife for either can be very frustrating as you try to hack lumps out of your squash and grinding the the tomato into the chopping board without a single cut. There are plenty of elegant sets for any kitchen style out there to choose from that won’t set you back too much from places like UK.

Invest in a good peeler

It stands to reason, if you are cooking and eating more vegetables, you are going to be doing more peeling. There is simply no avoiding it, although there are many hack videos that can help you avoid it for certain things.

So a cheap peeler just won’t do. You simply end up frustrated and meal preparation will take twice as long, and who has the time for that in today’s busy world. Try to choose one with a decent handle with good grip for when your hands are wet, or covered in juice. You won’t regret it.

Try out a mini chopper

This is ideal for things like herbs or garlic when you don’t want your hands stinging for days but you do want gorgeous flavoursome food.

Rather than whipping out the blender, which will then mean cleaning out the darn thing, which is also time consuming and irritating, you can just throw it all into the chopper and bash away at it till you have lovely finely chopped flavours. Also ideal for making your own sauces when you aren’t looking for a completely smooth finish. It’s also great for smaller fruits like berries if you want to add a bit of flavour to yoghurts and other desserts.

Stackable steamers can speed up the whole cooking process

A good steamer is key for efficient cooking. It uses far less water, cooks vegetables far quicker, and if you get a steamer that stacks up you can cook several items at one time saving valuable space on the hob.

Added to this the texture of the vegetables when you’re done will be far nicer than if you have boiled them to death while saturated in water. Nobody likes a dinner plate soaked in green, orange or purple water and this will help avoid that.

Avoid chopping altogether if you can

Even with the best set of knives, chopping is still an art form. If your knife skills have quite reached michelin standards yet, then make your next purchases a decent mandolin and a grater.

Forgetting thinly sliced or finely grated vegetables they are perfect and don’t require any dexterity with a knife at all. Just make sure to watch out for your fingers. You want your dish to remain vegetarian after all! Some mandolins come with a handy tool to hold the veg while you slice, so if you are a bit worried look for something like that.