What are the Ideal Fabrics for Sexy Men’s Underwear

Men are no longer living in an age where their underwear are typically lacking in substance and offer a dull appeal. With a changing focus on comfort, trends, and fashion men are opting to buy sexy men’s underwear

Generally, men avoid exploring more options when it comes to choosing the ideal underwear for them and stick to old-fashioned and non-trendy underwear. However, the demands have started to evolve and the underclothing business has seen more progress than ever before.

The shoppers now prefer more variations, styles, colours, and fabric before purchasing any underwear as inner wear is the second thing that stays in direct contact with the skin.  

Here are some of the different fabric options available which you can consider when buying sexy men’s underwear:


Cotton is the most popular fabric for underwear as it is considered the most absorbent, breathable, and widely available. Most men choose cotton underwear as it is considered to be “the king of all fabric”. 

The WISICA International regulates and certifies each kilogram produced cotton from the companies. Hence, you have to pay special attention while choosing the pure cotton material as anybody can fake it. Ensure to opt for the original form of this fabric and avoid artificial ones and other blends.


Nylon is quite different from cotton fabric. If you want to get a silky smooth and lush feeling, you can go for Nylon. This fabric is light on the skin and is mostly known for its elasticity. Due to its colour retention property, it offers a nice grip on colour. It is widely used in swimwear and swim costumes. As Nylon material has low permeability and dries quickly, it is a good underclothing material for people having over-sweating problems. For your exercise sessions, the nylon fabric can be a go-to choice.


Another common choice for those work-out sessions, Spandex is composed of polyurethane and it is a good alternative to Latex due to its durability. You can look to buy sexy men’s underwear in Spandex for regular use. It can also be combined with other fabrics to offer a tighter fit. 


When it comes to softness, no other fabric beats Modal. It is said that this fabric is 50% more water-absorbent than cotton fabric. The underwear made from Modal fabric will keep you cool and cozy all day long. Modal can be combined with cotton and other artificial fibres. It is also a nice choice for summer wear and is often used for everyday purposes. 


Polyester is considered to be one of the most reliable synthetic fibres due to its resilience and strength. The underwear made from this fabric is thin, breathable, and offers good support. The best thing about Polyester is that it is available in a wide range of colors and does better than cotton. Men’s underwear made from Polyester material feels terribly good and soft against the skin. 


If you’re a sport-oriented person, then you can choose Mesh fabric for your inner clothes. Underwear made from this fabric will be highly breathable and light compared to other materials. Even after a heavy cardio session, your underwear will still feel cool as this fabric is heat-responsive. 

So, you now know the best choices of fabric for narrowing down on the right men’s underwear. It all depends on your comfort, lifestyle, preferences and activities. No matter what fabric you choose when you buy sexy men’s underwear, always keep in mind the underwear hygiene rules such as washing it the right way and stashing it in a clean wardrobe. Get your accurate measurement, size, and style in mind. Make an informed choice and splurge into a luxurious underwear shopping experience.