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My Favorite Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! Ok, let’s be honest, I pretty much love all holidays. But there is something special about Halloween. I really like clever Halloween costumes and when a couple or a group of people has a theme. Halloween can be spooky, but it is also the one night you can pretend to be whoever you want to be without judgment. Spartan Cheerleaders The Spartan Cheerle[...]

Season Finale of Fear the Walking Dead was AMAZING

***SPOILER ALERT*** All I can say is WOW. Fear the Walking Dead wrapped up its first season on Sunday night and the season finale might have been one of the best episodes of the entire season. I was on the edge of my seat the entire show and my jaw dropped a million times. If you have not seen the finale yet, then I suggest you go watch it then come back to read this. I was so impressed that t[...]
Hey Arnold

Every 90s Kid Dream Come True

I was born in 1986. So of course, I was your typical 90s kid. I watched The Disney Channel and Nickelodeon religiously. There were some shows on Nick that I didn’t really care for, but they still were a huge part of me growing up because all of my friends watched it. And also because some of these hit shows were EVERYWHERE so it was hard to not notice them. Recently, some exciting news surfaced. N[...]

Fall Television is Finally Back

I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but I LOVE it. Maybe it is because everything smells and taste like pumpkin or because the weather is finally starting to cool down and I can whip out my favorite boots and hoodies. But I think a lot of it has to do with all of the great television shows that are on in the fall. Sometimes my favorite shows don’t come back or they come back better tha[...]

Jessica Simpson Really Does Design the Best Accessories

It started with a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes. About 7 years ago I bought my first pair of Jessica Simpson heels and fell in love. It was all downhill from there. I started to get more of her shoes and then I got a Jessica Simpson handbag. I loved it so much that now I will only buy Jessica Simpson handbags. But it doesn’t stop at shoes and handbags. I started buying her sunglasses, necklaces,[...]

Obsessed With Express

I am your typical girl that loves to shop. It sometimes is hard to shop for clothes because I am not always a fan of my body. But the one place I always happy to shop at is Express. For some reason, their clothes always make me feel beautiful and sexy, even their yoga pants! Express can have some pricier things, but they always have deals and coupons to make your shopping trip very affordable, e[...]
Main Street

A Spooky Good Time at Disneyland

Halloween is just around the corner and that means Disneyland is hosting their spine-tingling Halloween Time. During this time of year, every little thing at Disneyland changes to celebrate the arrival of fall. From the characters to all of the decorations, it is the perfect place to get in that magical Halloween spirit. Halloween Time started on September 11th and will be open until the 1st of[...]
Fitness App

Get Your Fitness On With These Apps

It can be hard to get into a good routine when it comes to fitness and nutrition. But there are some amazing apps out there that help you stay on track and reach your goals. Since there are hundreds of fitness apps, it might be hard to pick one, but these are some of the best out there. Bonus - they all are free! Moves Sometimes we need a reminder to make sure we are getting all of our walking in[...]

Delicious Fox Restaurants Take Over

Phoenix is home to the Fox Restaurant Concepts headquarters owned by Sam Fox. Fox has gone on to create 15 progressive and unique dining concepts in seven different states. But lucky for Phoenix residents, they have the chance to experience all of them. There are a number of restaurants to choose from, but these happen to be my favorite from Fox Restaurant Concepts. Culinary Dropout Culinary[...]