4 Services to Make Your Home More Luxurious

Your home can be as upscale as you like, with the right style and feel. Simply buying lavish furniture, carpets and wall hangings may not be enough to give it the luxury look you are going for. Consider these high end services that can take your home to the next level.

1. Interior Decorator

Having lavish decoration is not enough to make your home look luxurious. It can end up seeming cluttered if you don’t have the right arrangements or the right combination of textures, fabrics and features. An interior decorator can work with you to give you the look you want, creating your vision in your home, and taking what you already have to work with and doing something different with it. You may even want to have the decorator come in a couple times a year to give your home a whole new look on the regular.

2. Home Cleaning

What makes the average upscale home and a luxury hotel different from one another? It’s usually the level of cleanliness on display. You can give your home that cozy hotel feeling by hiring a cleaning service to do many of the household chores for you. They can perform high quality cleaning that reaches areas you would not normally be able to and gets rid of dust, dirt and grime you might not have paid much attention to. You will definitely notice the difference a professional cleaning service makes says Mary from House Cleaning Services Los Angeles, though, especially if you have them come in regularly to keep the level of cleanliness up to par. 

3. Landscaper

A good landscaping team can make a huge difference in how your home’s exterior looks. They can take an ordinary home and turn it into something extraordinary, creating a fabulous first impression. How lovely your home looks to a guest or even to yourself is partly determined by that first look you get from the outside. That creates a set of expectations, and if you want to keep expectations for your home high, you can start by making sure the outside sports a character that is uniquely you. 

4. Portrait Artist

One way to make your home really stand out and to give it a look that is uniquely you is to commission a portrait of yourself or your family. You should take time to pick a portrait artist, as not all of them will have a style that suits you. Be sure to peruse some of their previous work to see if it is to your liking and get to know the portrait artist ahead of time. That way, you can determine if they might be a good fit for you or you can find out about a personality clash ahead of time. Some artists will have you and your family pose while they paint, and others will simply snap some pictures and use those as reference for the portrait.