Avoid These Mistakes When You Pick Your Wedding Rings

While not everyone is knowledgeable about jewellery, when it comes to buying wedding rings you need to be properly informed about what you should and should not purchase. Being familiar with the common mistakes couples make when buying wedding rings will help you avoid making similar decisions that can cost you unnecessary expenses and cause unwanted stress in your wedding preparations.

Here are four mistakes to avoid when you buy wedding rings:

  1. Couples need to have matching rings.

Having matching wedding rings appeal to many couples but it is not a requirement. If you prefer to have different rings, then that is perfectly okay. There are also many ways in which your rings can retain a sense of cohesion without being entirely the same, especially since some wedding rings for women can be more elaborately designed than men’s. You can opt for complementary designs or customize in order to accommodate similar features. For example, if one of you wants a white gold band and the other wants rose gold, then you can go for a ring design featuring a mixed metal band.

  1. You have a lot of time.

Do you want to personalize your wedding rings? Are you thinking of engraving your names on the bands? Or, are you looking for more customized designs?

Waiting until the last minute has never done anyone any good. For your wedding rings, make sure that you pick them out as soon as you can so you have plenty of time to make sure that you’re happy with your chosen wedding rings.

Choosing these timeless symbols of your love and commitment to each other should go beyond being a collaborative process but a well-thought of decision. Picking out and ordering your rings early will give you enough time to work on any possible adjustments so you have the perfect pair ready on the big day.

  1. Guessing ring sizes is okay.

Always aim to do things right the first time. This not only saves you the hassle of finding professionals who can make the adjustments but also saves you unnecessary additional expenses. Avoid the stress of resizing rings by knowing your ring sizes at the very start. If you have difficulties figuring out what your ring size is, you can refer to easy to follow ring sizing guides that you can find online.

Ring size is a very important consideration that you must make as this is one piece of jewellery that you will be wearing for the rest of your lifetime (or at least for the duration of your marriage). The rare times that people take off their bands include when their fingers begin to swell during pregnancy or weight gain. In order to find the right size to accommodate these possible changes, you can schedule your final wedding ring fitting when your body temperature is normal. This means you should avoid final fitting first thing in the morning, after exercising, or when you’re feeling extremely hot or cold.

  1. Thinking that the choices are limited.

When couples think that their options are limited they tend to purchase items that they like right away and this may not be a very advantageous method. Make sure you go around and canvas among trusted jewellers for the perfect pair before you make a purchase. Aside from the various options of precious stones and precious metals, you also have multitudes of options for wedding ring designs.

Avoid committing these four mistakes in purchasing your wedding rings and you’ll limit the possibilities of you regretting making this significant investment, not just financially but also relationship-wise.


Photo by unsplash