Cleaning Out Your Closet Before The Big Move

Preparing for a move can be a serious undertaking. Not only do you have to plan the logistics involved with transporting your belongings from your old home to the new one, but you will also have to go through all your household items to purge the ones you don’t need before packing. Suddath Relocations breaks down the simple math. The more you purge now means the less you move later equals the more you save. While it may be easy to decide upon the items you can’t live without, it may become tricky to decide what you need to let go of. This is can be especially true when it comes time to clean out your closet. You can either do it yourself or hire cleaning services.

Cleaning Out The Closet. Ugh.

Nobody likes to clean out their closet. This may be especially true when you have to clean it out in preparation for the big move. What do you keep? What do you get rid of? Where do you dispose of the items you don’t want to waste time moving into your new home? So many questions arise when purging items from your closet, but it’s an unavoidable project. In order to simplify the tediousness of cleaning out your closet before your big move, here are some items you can probably let go of.

1. Old Clothes You No Longer Wear. Does your closet contain an abundance of clothing that you no longer wear because they went out of style 20 years ago? Then get rid of them. Maybe you have a stash of clothes you’ve been saving until you lose that extra 10 pounds you’ve been working on losing for 15 years. Get rid of them. A good rule of thumb is if you have clothes you haven’t worn in at least a year, it’s best to part ways with these items.

2. Damaged Or Stained Items. This goes without saying. In reality, you probably should have disposed of that old, stained sweatshirt from college at least 10 years ago. It might have looked good when you stumbled into class late, but chances are you will never wear it again. Unless it has intense sentimental meaning, get rid of it. This goes for all items you planned to repair or fix but you know you never will.

How Should I Dispose Of These Items?

Once you purged your closet of old or stained and damaged clothes and items you no longer wear, you should decide whether to donate these items or to just toss them in the trash. Some of your old clothes may still be in decent condition, but you just don’t wear them anymore. These are the items you should donate to a thrift store or homeless shelter so that someone less fortunate may be able to use them. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

When you have finally purged your closet of all the clothes and items you no longer need, you will find that you have already simplified your move by eliminating the work involved with moving these unnecessary items. You will also feel good because you let go of unneeded clutter you won’t have to clog your new home with. Cleaning out your closet, while not the most fun job, it can be one of the most important things you can do to make your big move a little easier.