Groups in UK Push for Less Strict Vaping Laws

Groups across the UK are looking for more relaxed vaping laws in a push to help save lives and allow vaping to be legal in offices and on public transportation.

Walking the streets in the UK, you can easily find an e-cig shop, but you are not always allowed to vape in just any place you want. Groups are hoping to put a stop to these laws and allow vaping to be acceptable in offices along with trains and buses.

Many people feel that vaping is actually less harmful than conventional smoking and they are hoping that more relaxed vaping laws on licensing and purchasing will promote the use of vaping over conventional smoking. In fact, puffing on a Juul vape is said to be 95 percent less harmful. The promotion and acceptance of vaping can actually save lives by encouraging smokers to switch to vaping. These groups in the UK are looking for the government to help with this and stop overlooking the possibilities of vaping.

However, this has been a divided issue across the UK and the globe. Some groups actually report that they do not have enough research or information to know the long term effects of vaping. In addition, they argue that vaping legally in an office or on public transportation will bother no vapers that are around. They are also concerned about the effects of 2nd hand smoke from vapes. Since there are many misconceptions on both sides, more research needs to be conducted.

Vaping has proven to be safer than smoking cigarettes and if more people can give up smoking and switch to vaping, it could save lives. In fact, there are 3 million people in the UK who vape, many who used to smoke. Vapers across the globe have thanked vaping for helping them quit smoking and adding years to their life.