How to Integrate a HVAC System in Your Home Automation

Technology is constantly expanding and introducing new ways to make our lives more convenient, safe, and better. One way this is happening is the introduction of home automation. Home automation can do a lot more than play music and turn on your lights by using voice commands. It can also be used to integrate your HVAC system and find more ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency and save you money.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

The easiest way to integrate your HVAC system into your home automation is to purchase a programmable thermostat. These devices allow you to preset what time your heating or air conditioning turns on and off or change the temperature settings or speeds at specific times. You don’t even need to be home to do it. 

A programmable thermostat can save you money by not running your HVAC system when it is not needed. For example, you can turn the heat down during the day while you’re at work and have it turned up higher 20 minutes before your kids arrive home from school. 

Consult your HVAC professional for the best type of programmable thermostat for your home and HVAC system. 

Home Automation for Other HVAC Devices

In addition to the thermostat, home automation can be used to program other devices associated with your HVAC system. For example, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and AV lights  can call be connected to a programmable device. This will also save homeowners money on their monthly utility bills because these systems will only be working when they are needed, specifically when the house is occupied.

Increased Energy Efficiency

There is more good news for homeowners who switch to automated HVAC systems. The automated systems run on new HVAC technology. The newer models of HVAC are significantly more energy efficient than older models, especially those that are older than 10 years. 

Your HVAC professional can help you determine the best configuration for your new HVAC system, the best type of system for your particular house, and even where to put the thermostat. All of these factors can help save you money on your monthly energy bills, which means the system will more than pay for itself over time.

Home Automation’s Future Potential

In the near future, home automation will allow your HVAC system to detect which rooms in the house are occupied by using infrared technology. This will mean that you only heat the rooms people are in, which will also save homeowners money. 

In addition, home automation technology will also be able to detect when the system needs maintenance. This will help you call in a professional to take care of issues before a small problem develops into a bigger, most costly issue. 

There are several ways homeowners can save money by integrating their HVAC system with their home automation. Consult your local HVAC professional to discuss your options regarding home automation.

Feature Image via Flickr by CORGI HomePlan