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Jon Stewart just said goodbye to The Daily Show after 16 years. Not only was Stewart a comedic God, his show helped a lot of famous comedians launch their career. Stewart had them all back to make a cameo on the last episode of The Daily Show. It brought back a lot of memories so I thought it was be neat to take a walk down memory lane and highlight these stars that got their start on the hit satire news show.

Steve Carell

Steve Carell was the first correspondent from the show to become a major star. He was on the show for about five years and he left in early 2005. That is when he started his role on The Office. Since then, he has been in numerous films and has also returned as a featured guest on The Daily Show. He even married a fellow former correspondent, Nancy Walls.

Stephen Colbert


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Stephen Colbert was a correspondent on The Daily Show for almost nine years. He also guest hosted the show six times in the early 2000s. He left the team in 2005 and started his own show, The Colbert Report. Colbert’s show lasted for many years, but recently came to an end. He is set to be the new host of The Late Show starting in the fall.

Ed Helms


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Ed Helms contributed to field assignments from 2002 to 2006. He became known for his work on successful segments during his four year run on the show. After Helms left the show, he returned as a special correspondent a few times. He went on to star in comedies like The Hangover and Vacation Movie.

Rob Riggle


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Rob Riggle was one of The Daily Show’s funniest correspondents with his memorable assignments. He was only on the show for two years, but he made quite the impression. He left the show during 2008, but has returned to the show a handful of times. Riggle went on to make appearances in a number of television shows and films. He is currently the comedian on Fox NFL Sunday’s pre-game show.



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