Universal list of essential items for packing

If you like to travel, you know that there are many things to do before hitting the road. So many preparations are to be made, and so many things to remember. Creating a list of items you need to pack is one thing most people do before they travel. It is a good way of organizing yourself and not forgetting to take everything you need with you. We have collected some universal things for a universal packing list that can be used in any period of the year.

Tickets – of course, you cannot leave without the traveling tickets. Do put the at the top of the list, just in case.

Passport and a copy of passport – if you are visiting another country, you will be needing a passport (or even a visa). But remember to create a copy, and keep it separated, in case you lose the passport or have it stolen.

Cash and cards – it is advisable to have both, and kept separately, for the same reason as for the passport. If you get robbed, you will need extra money, so keep the card and cash in different places.

Chargers – for all your smart devices. You need the batteries full to check some JerkDolls games.

Sunglasses – they can be useful if you wish to sleep on the way and you don’t have a sleeping mask. It is unnecessary to talk about their protection from the Sun.

Clothes and underwear – this depends on the season, but you will always be needing your underwear and socks.

Shoes – make sure you bring comfortable shoes for the travel itself, and your own slippers or flip-flops.

Toothbrush and toothpaste – if your destination is really far, it is handy to have these with you to refresh yourself somewhere along the way.

Shampoo and conditioner – most hotels will provide you with these, but if you don’t know where exactly you will be staying it is good to have them, just in case.

Headphones – if you can’t travel without music and for a private atmosphere when playing family porn games on JerkDolls.

Makeup – carry the essentials if you are not going for a fancy trip.

Deodorant – another one that is useful to have it close, for refreshment.

Shaver – you can buy them anywhere but maybe you will need it as soon as you arrive, because you will be needing a shower.

Makeup removal wipes – they are useful as a quick solution to cleaning your face if you are out for a long time, or if you are tired and you want to save some time.

Tissues – they are always needed and you can never have too many of these.

Hand sanitizer – have it with you all the time. You can use it before you take a snack and there is no water around to wash your hands.

Bottle of water – don’t forget to hydrate yourself.